10 Best Bread Knives In 2016 Reviews

There is not much worse than having a dull or insufficient bread knife. You won’t be able to slide the knife smoothly through the bread, which crushes the bread and shreds the bread, making a really big mess of it. Now instead of a nice slice you can enjoy, its smooshed together and falling apart. When you are trying to serve bread with dinner for guests, this is the worst and is so embarrassing. You can avoid all of those problems by purchasing proper bread knives of good quality. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best bread knives in 2015 in reviews for you to take a look at below. Here you will find quality bread knives that will not fail your expectations whenever you want that nice slice of bread.

10. 9″ Scalloped Offset Sandwich Knife with Soft Handle by V-Lo

10. 9 Scalloped Offset Sandwich Knife with Soft Handle by V-Lo

This 9″ sandwich knife has an offset blade which is perfect for cutting sandwiches, pastries and breads. It has a patented, state of the art design in its handle which gives you both control and comfort. The high carbon steel blade is offset and stain-free and has a hand honed edge for the best performance. The angle keeps your hands away from the cutting board and lets you put more pressure on it when cutting through thick or hard foods. The edge retains and is easy to clean.

9. 8″ Chikara Signature Series Bread Knife by Ginsu

9. 8 Chikara Signature Series Bread Knife by Ginsu

This bread knife has a traditional Japanese-style handle which are made from water and heat resistant resin. The Japanese stainless steel tang goes through the entire handle, giving you more strength and durability, plus an extremely sharp edge. The handle fits smoothly in your hand for added comfort, making this a great choice in bread knives.

8. Stainless Steel 8.5″ Bread Knife by Zyliss

8. Stainless Steel 8.5 Bread Knife by Zyliss

This bread knife has a high quality serrated blade of stainless steel. It is great for easy slicing of baked goods, breads, squash and large melons. The handle is ergonomic and has a soft touch grip that lowers fatigue in your hand and lets you have control and precision. It comes with a five year warranty and the blade has a cover with it for safe storage. This knife is also dishwasher safe for convenience.

7. Walnut Traditional 10″ Serrated Bread/Slicing Knife by Chicago Cutlery

7. Walnut Traditional 10 Serrated Bread/Slicing Knife by Chicago Cutlery

This Chicago Cutlery bread knife has a 10″ serrated blade and a classically beautiful wood handle. The exclusive Taper Grind edge technology from this company will stay sharper longer and is easy to re-sharpen when needed. The blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel and is resistant to rust and stains for a beauty that lasts. The triple compression brass rivets keep the handle secured onto the blade for stability and safety.

6. Bread Knife by Kai Pure Komachi 2

6. Bread Knife by Kai Pure Komachi 2

These knives are very attractive with their brilliant monochromatic colors, but they have a serious purpose as well. The color-coding makes it simpler to choose the right knife, and helps to guard against cross-contaminating food as well. The non-stick coating will resist corrosion and makes cleaning simple as well, plus helps the knife glide through your food easily. The handles are ergonomically contoured and lightweight for a grip that is fatigue-reducing and comfortable, and this knife is incredibly sharp so you’ll you can easily cut your breads every time.

5. 8 ¾” Bread Knife by Global

5. 8 ¾ Bread Knife by Global

This bread knife’s serrated blade is constructed of a hard molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel. You can slice it all easily from hearty breads to delicate cakes. The handle of stainless steel is molded so it fits your hand and it is dimpled to reduce slippage. The seamless construction between the blade and the handle is sanitary and unique. The edge keeps its sharpness very well and a finger notch between the handle and blade gives you additional safety.

4. 9″ Wavy Edge Bread Knife by Victorinox

4. 9 Wavy Edge Bread Knife by Victorinox

This knife features a blade of high carbon stainless steel that is hand finished in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen. A process of tempering is used to make an edge which can be resharpened repeatedly, so this knife will keep its original sharpness through the whole life of the blade. The handle on the knife is ergonomically designed to lower tension in your wrist and give a natural fit. The comfortable grip is an indication of a knife that is well made, and the sure-grip handle includes a finger guard to protect you from being cut.

3. Forged Synergy 8″ Bread Knife by J.A. Henckels

3. Forged Synergy 8 Bread Knife by J.A. Henckels

The blade of this bread knife is fully forged from a high-performance German stainless steel. It includes a riveted handle and a heavy-duty, ergonomic design for resistance to breakage. It has an 8″ serrated knife for slicing through bread and other foods with a crust or tough skin. The full bolster gives you a good weight to the knife and ensures your safety, plus the molded POM handle has a full rat tail tang for a grip that is comfortable and excellent balance.

2. Classic 10″ Bread Knife by Wusthof

2. Classic 10 Bread Knife by Wusthof

All of your bread cutting is made easy with this knife from Wustof. It is constructed in Solingen, Germany, and was hand-forged using 38 different steps by skilled craftsmen. The serrated blade is constructed of high-carbon stainless steel, and was hardened so it keeps a sharp edge. The full tang gives you the best balance, along with a high-impact composition and riveted handle. The knife is made with new computer controlled precision, doubling their sharpness retention.

1. 10 ¼” Wavy Bread Knife by Victorinox

1. 10 ¼ Wavy Bread Knife by Victorinox

This is a sturdy and compact knife and it handles crusty breads expertly without crushing the tender insides. The blade is made of stainless-steel and is high-carbon and ice-tempered, giving you the maximum edge retention and sharpness. The blade is stamped from cold-rolled steel and the edge is bolsterless so you can use the entire blade and sharpen it easily. The patented Fibrox hand is slip resistant and textured, plus ergonomically designed for comfort and balance.

It is essential to have a quality bread knife so that you can always make that perfect slice when cutting bread. Whether it is a hard crusty Italian or a delicate pastry or cake, they can all be ruined with the wrong knife. Choose one of the quality bread knives above and you won’t ever have to worry about ruining your breads again with an inferior knife.