Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers in the World

In the world of music, there are hundreds of extraordinary and remarkable female singers. However, only a few of these female singers have risen to the top of the music industry and have amassed so much popularity that they are admired by people all over the world. Here are the top 10 most popular female singers in 2015 that have blown listeners away over the years with their songs and voices.

10. Shakira

Along with her Latin rock & roll and pop songs, Shakira is also known for her belly dancing abilities. In fact, the 37-year old singer also happens to be a choreographer, record producer and songwriter, i.e. she writes most of her own songs. Shakira also sang the 2010 FIFA World Cup’s official song, “Waka Waka,” and her performance at the closing event of the World Cup is well-remembered. Her latest, 10th album is expected to be released on March 25, 2014, and the album itself will be titled Shakira.

9. Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole
The beautiful and talented English singer, Cheryl Cole, has given voice to some very popular singles, such as Call My Name, Girls Aloud and Promise This. Along with being a singer and songwriter, Cheryl Cole is also a dancer, recording artist and a television personality. Cheryl Cole had first stared in Popstar: The Rivals, the renowned ITV reality show, which marked the beginning of her career. Many of the singles produced by Cheryl Cole made their way to the Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart and she has also been among the judges on The X Factor.

8. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is not just popular for her singing; she has garnered an equal amount of popularity as an actress, dancer, fashion designer, performance, philanthropist and television personality. J Lo, as she is popularly known, embarked on her career back in the 1980s and has slowly made her way to the top of the entertainment industry. She has been equally successful in acting as she is singing, especially noted for her role in the film, “Out of Sight.” Ever since 1999 when released her debut album, she has been producing hit after hit.

7. Katy Perry

Katy Perry
Katy Perry is probably the perfect combination of beauty and a beautiful voice. She entered the spotlight after released albums such as E.T., one of the Boys, Roar and Teenage Dream. Katy Perry also admits to being a songwriter as well, and she proved this by co-writing and lending her voice to the duet, “Who You Love,” with John Mayer, who was her boyfriend at that time. The latest album that she released was Prism, and she has scheduled to being a tour on May 7, 2014, which will include performances in England and Scotland.

6. Pink

Pink has made her found her place among this generation’s most prominent and successful music artist. The American singer, who is also an actress and songwriter, first gained popularity back in 2000 when her debut album, “Can’t Take Me Home” was released. Over the course of her career, Pink has also collaborated with other popular female singers like Christina Aguilera and Lil Kim. Pink’s unique pop-rock singing style is among the things that have contributed to her popularity along with her top songs Don’t Let Me Go, Get The Party Started and Like A Pill.

5. Beyoncé

Despite the fact that Beyoncé is married to the very financially successful rapper, Jay-Z, she has earned her popularity through her own acting and singing skills. In fact, back in the 1990s, she was a part of Destin’s Child, the best selling girl’s group in the world. She established her career as a solo artist when she released “Dangerously in Love,” her debut album, back in 2003 when Destiny’s Child was on a hiatus. Ever since then, she has earned 5 Grammy Awards and millions of copies of her albums have been sold around the world.

4. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga
Currently, it cannot be denied that Lady Gaga is among the popular American female pop singers, despite her frequent bizarre antics and her flashy appearances and attires. Her debut album, “The Fame,” the fame received critical acclaim and turned out to be a commercial success, as a result of which her career skyrocketed and she became prominent. Gaga has made some very distinct, flamboyant and unique contributions to the music industry through her fashion and her music, both of which have earned her significant recognition as well as a myriad of awards, including 5 Grammys.

3. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift can definitely be recognized among those breakthrough singers who began her career as a country singer at just the age of 14. Her debut self-titled album released back in 2006 is what established her career in country music. Swift is known for narrating her own personal experiences in her songs, which is proof of her songwriting skills. She has also been awarded with plenty of awards, including 11 Country Music Association Awards, for her singing and songwriting. Along with being popular, she is currently also among the richest female singers.

2. Adele

The charismatic and talented English singer Adele began her music career from Myspace. Back in 2006, a demo of Adele was posted on Myspace after which XL Recordings offered her a recording contract. Adele managed to earn awards at the very beginning of her career, and her debut album, “19,” turned out to be commercially and critically successful. Adele has also received numerous Grammy Awards. She also lent her voice for “Skyfall,” the title song of the 2013 James Bond film of the same name, as a result of which she was awarded a Golden Globe award.

1. Rihanna

Rihanna, the 26-year old actress, fashion designer and singer, had also started her career at a very young age. She embarked on her career back in 2003 after she auditioned for Jay-Z, who is the president of Def Jam Recordings. Not only did her debut and subsequent albums peak to the top, “Umbrella,” the lead single from “Good Girl Gone Bad,” her third studio album released in 2007, topped the charts and added to her growing popularity. Over the course of her career, she has been awarded twenty two Billboard Music Awards, along with plenty of others.
Avid listeners of music, espeically music by female singers, are sure to agree that the above women definitely belong in this list of the 10 most popular female singers in 2014.