Top 15 Hot Mexican Weather Girl List

Yanet Garcia, Most Beautiful Weather Girl 2016

Yanet Garcia, Most Beautiful Weather Girl

These beautiful girls are heating things up, so we bring you the top 10 Hot Mexican Weather Girl list for your admiration. “Ay Caliente!”

Turn on the news on most news stations and you’ll find the weather segment is a snooze. Who wants to see a mature, unwitty weather dude who hops on the T.V. screen to bombard you with un-exciting facts about rain, sleet, and snow – BOOORING!

Thankfully, there’s one country in the world where the local weather segment is hotter than the desert sun – Mexico! Yup, Mexico is the only region that has the science of fine women and atmospheric conditions down pat. Like the unpredictable weather, it’s hard to explain the hot Mexican weather girl. Well, who doesn’t prefer to see a beautiful girl prancing about in sexy outfits doing gracious hand gestures, over a crusty old weatherman? It’s an easy answer.

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Top 15 Hot Mexican Weather Girl List

Here are the Top 10 Mexican Weather Girls you need to know!

#1. Yanet Garcia

hot mexican weather girl Yanet Garcia

This number 1 hot Mexican weather girl, Yanet Garcia, gives the daily weather report to the lucky residents of Monterrey, and many other fans who follow her online. Yanet won our hearts not long ago, when she exploded on social media with her sunny smile, seductive curves, and command of the weather. With a whopping 2.8 million followers on social media, Mexican Weather Girl, Yanet Garcia, is no stranger to the people. She’s famously seen across the internet and in many segments of Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey, wearing the favorite little black dress! But, it’s her assets that make this Latina newsworthy!

Let’s be honest, meteorologists are never right about the weather predictions anyway, so who cares what she’s saying about the weather just let us enjoy her lovely presentation!


#2. Susana Almeida

hot mexican weather girl almeida

Susana Almeida Clima del 19 de Febrero de 2013 3 by DerwinDora
Somebody pinch me, as I think I’m dreaming when I watch Susana Almeida. I am almost speechless, see for yourselves. Displaying her long locks, Mexican meteorologist girl, Susana Almeida, found her fame through a viral clip showing an intense shot of her ‘camel toe.’ YIKES! Since then, her fashion styles on 4 Televisa Guadalajara are on close watch. Watch her live on Televisa, if you are lucky enough to catch her! Susana is quite popular, and comes in at #2 on our list.


#3. Jackie Guerrido

While she comes from San Juan, Puerto Rico, this Boricua can be found on the Univision airwaves and is popular among Mexican TV viewers. Starting out on “Al Amanacer de Noticias 23,” Jackie worked her way through many popular Hispanic news shows including “Diespierta America” and “Primer Impacto with Barbra Bermuda.” Jackie is easily in the top 3 hot Mexican weather girls.


#4. Diana Alvarado

Hot Mexican Weather Girls Diana Alvarado

Busty mini-dresses seem to be a staple for Diana Alvarado on set. We aren’t complaining, but we have to note our favorite Diana outfits are her bikinis! Proud of her luscious physique, add @Diannaiit on Instagram and you’ll find her frolicking along the beach in a teeny-tiny bikini! If you live in El Paso, TX or Juarez, MX you can find her on your local channel. She’s a local girl, and we like her!


#5. Mary Gamarra

Mary Gamarra Hot Mexican Weather Girls
We are adding Gamarra to the list because she’s gone from Mexican weather girl to full on T.V. host – she does it all! Meteorologist, news show host, and reporter are the technical terms the slender beauty goes by.


#6. Ximena Cordoba

Ximena Cordoba Hot Mexican Weather Girls

The 36-year-old South American Hottie isn’t your average weather girl babe. She acts, models, and hosts “TNT Movie Club” and Univision’s “Despierta America.” She can rock a skirt, as well as her tight abs like it’s nobodies business! She belongs on the top of the list of beautiful, hot Mexican weather women.


#7. Janice Villagran

Janice is known for her spunky attitude on Estrella TV. But if you find her on Instagram, her bio describes beauty and brains – “Ciencias de la Comunicaion, Medical Assistant, and Surgical Technologist. Wow, Janice definitely belongs on this list of hot Mexican weather girls.


#8. Leticia Castro

As the weather girl for KXTV and host to Noticias Las Vegas, Castro’s television wardrobe has inspired her to creates trendy fashion for sexy women. See her styles at @shoplvfashion. Leticia is #8 on our list of favorite hot Mexican weather girls.


#9. Gabriela Lozoya

Of course, there are some haters when it comes to the ‘munequitas del clima,’ but Gabriela Lozoya claps back by just doing her job well to silence the naysayers. And indeed, she does it well! She ranks at #9 Hot Mexican Weather Girl on our list.


#10. Daniela Guichenne

Classy meets sexy describes the Latina who delivers ‘el Tiempo!’ Whether she’s seen on the T.V. screen or on her way to catch a flight, Daniela always finds a way to add a touch of class to look. She makes the list of Hot Mexican Weather Girls at #10.


#11. Mayte Carranco

hot mexican weather girl Mayte

Fortunate viewers can see Mayte Carranco light up their screens on the Televisa weather update for the Monterrey region and central Mexico.


#12. Marilu Kaufman

hot mexican weather girl kaufman

This next Mexican weather woman at number 12 is Marilu Kaufman, who covers Mexican weather for Melinium TV. Enjoy.


#13. Karen Rios

You have to love Karen Rios weather presentation. She comes in at our number 13 favorite hot Mexican weather girl. What a beauty is this blue dress. Watch her on Star TV.


#14. Angie Gonzalez

Find Angie Gonzales on Multimedios TV, she is a joy to watch.


#15. Zelenny Ibarra

Their certified Mexican weather women aren’t on camera just to send you the day’s forecast; she’s there to ensure you go on to have to best day, ever! With her curvaceous curves, trendy attire, and a smile that will make your heart melt in seconds. Mexico is not the only lucky place with hot weather women, as even in the US and Europe you are seeing more and more beautiful weather women showing us their sunny smiles.