Top 10 Best Survival Knives

If you are planning to go camping, fishing, hiking, hunting or on some other outdoor adventure, quite possibly the most indispensable asset you can have is a survival knife. If you end up losing your way in the wilderness, having a survival knife could make the difference between life and death. The market is full of a broad selection of survival knives and it can be quite intimidating to choose the best one. Hopefully, the following top 10 best survival knife in 2014 narrow down the best choices.

Best Survival Knife Guide

10. Cold Steel Recon Tanto Handle 13RTK

The Cold Steel Recon Tanto 13RTK happens to be a beautifully crafted knife with a durable blade that is 7 inches long and made Japanese AUS Stainless Steel with Tuff-Ex coating. This knife can be used to slash through bushes. The heavily studded long, comfortable and western-style Kraton-Ex handle allows for greater handling experience, while it comes with a Secure-Ex Sheath.

9. Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife 22-01629

It will be possible to use the Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife 22-01629 in numerous ways, whether chopping firewood, creating shelter or cutting through seat belts. It can even be tied to a pole to use as a fishing spear. A 4.84-inch drop point 420HC Black stainless steel blade is included among its feature, while its handle is electrically insulated and rugged.

8. Schrade Extreme SCHF3 Survival Fixed Blade

The Schrade Extreme SCHF3 Survival Fixed Blade is a survival knife meant to be used in extreme situations. It has a 7Cr17 high carbon tough stainless steel blade that is perfect for combat and survival. Tasks like chopping, making carvings and skinning can be handled by its drop point blade. Its handle is made of Micarta, so it is easy to grip.

7. T010 Tom Brown Tracker

The T010 Tom Brown Tracker is a fixed blade knife that can handle carving, chopping, engraving, hammering, sawing and splitting. The 4.25-inch 1095 Steel blade has a different and unique shape in comparison to traditional survival knives. The wide high carbon alloy steel blade is serrated on top, with a tough Micarta handle, while it also comes with a Black Kydex sheath.

6. Cold Steel Leatherneck 39LSF

The Cold Steel Leatherneck 39LSF is a razor sharp survival knife that can handle any handle any tough task because its blade is made of German 4116 Stainless Steel and is protected by a Tuff-Ex non-reflective coating. The deeply textured handle offers extra grip comfort because it is made of Kray-Ex. There are also strong steel finger guards on the handle that protect the fingers from getting hurt.

5. Columbia River Knife and Tool M16-01KZ Black Blade

The Elishewitz F.T.W.S. has quite the deceiving looks since it is so simple that it looks just like a normal kitchen knife. IT has a SK5 carbon steel full tang blade that is 6.3 inches long. Its modified blade tip has a full width, giving it more durability when using it for penetration purposes. Its Zytel injection-molded handle has deep finger grooves.

4. Fallkniven Wilderness Knife

Unlike most survival knives, the Fallkniven Wilderness Knife has a 7.95-inch blade that is made of not one but an association of hard metals. High carbon stainless steel (VG10) has been used for the core of the blade, with a coating of tough 420J2 steel. Hence, the extremely durable drop point blade is perfect for both chopping and slicing.

3. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade Knife

The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade Knife fits perfectly in the hand. The 5.25-inch drop point blade of this survival knife is perfect for chopping, prying, splitting and skinning. The blade is hard to the core and very tough since it is made of 1095 Cro-Van steel. A strong grip is provided by the handle since it is made of Grivory material.

2. Ontario RTAK-II Serrated Edge Fixed Blade Knife

The Ontario RTAK II Serrated Edge Fixed Blade Knife incorporates a combination of economy, real-world features, and toughness. It can be used to slice through thick branches, bushes and thickets without breaking a sweat. The 5160 carbon steel blade is 10 inches long. The thick Micarta handle can also be removed easily for cleaning, while it also comes with a tactical sheath.

1. SOG Seal Team Elite Knife or SOG Specialty Knives

The SOG Seal Team Elite Knife is a beautifully crafted, reliable and ultra strong survival knife with an AUS-8 steel blade that is 7 inches long. After having undergone a distinct cryogenic heat treatment process, the blade is extremely resistant to wear. The handle is made of Glass Re-enforced Nylon (GRN). No wonder, military professionals and outdoorsmen carry this knife.

The bottom line is that the above perfect top 10 best survival knife in 2014 are indeed perfect to be used in survival scenarios if you ever find yourself lost in the wilderness.

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