Top 10 Best HTC One M9 Car Mounts

Car mount is an important accessory for those who have to use their phone in the car on the way. And, not every car mount fits best with every phone. As the new HTC One M9 has just presented itself on the market, many people have purchased to try the experience. At the same time, there seems to be a big need for its car mount. So, to make it easier to look for the best HTC One M9 car mounts, this article will highlight the top 10 best HTC One M9 car mounts for your information.

10. High Grade Car Dash Holder Windshield Cradle Mount for HTC One M9

The first HTC One M9 car mount you can have a serious consideration on is the High Grade Car Dash Holder. For this car mount, you basically just need to attach it to your car dashboard, and its mount can be adjusted 360 degree, allowing for a variety of positions. The grip as well is built very easy to remove and install your phone. The mounting base of this product is extremely sticky that it can securely hold your HTC One M9.

9. First Rate Car Windshield or Dashboard Adjustable Swivel Suction Vehicle Mount for HTC One M9

Built in a lovely stylish design, this First Rate car mount for HTC One M9 has mainly got a mega grip which you can trust it can hold your phone safely at any moment. Either you have the cover or screen protector on your HTC, the grip will still work very well with them. And, since its head is fully adjustable, you can have your phone landscape or portrait with this car mount.

8. Car Mount TechMatte MagGrip Vent Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder for the HTC M9

The TechMatte instead is an armless car mount with ergonomic design. It uses magnets to hold the phone, and it can hold very well. According to its very good customer review of a 4.5 star rated, it is obvious that its quality is highly acceptable among its customers. Actually, besides the HTC One M9, this car mount is also compatible with many other smartphones. So, it is not only for your phone but also others’ in your car.

7. Aduro U-GRIP SLIDE Universal Dashboard Windshield Car Mount for HTC ONE M9

In terms of quality, this Aduro U-Grip is no less good than any other car mounts available on the market. Almost 2500 customers have come back and placed positive feedbacks on the product. Even more special, it is sold in a very inexpensive price regardless of its built-in top quality. The mount base of the product is as well built very sticky to make sure it will not drop.

6. High Grade Vehicle Mount Cigarette Lighter Hands-Free Car Charging Cradle Solution for HTC One M9

Very specially designed, the idea is very creative. This product has a two in one usefulness. While many best car mounts for HTC M9 One are built to stick with the dashboard, this mount instead uses the cigarette lighter space as its base with a long 5 inch neck. Meanwhile, it does leave a USB port free, available in case you want to also charge your phone. This makes the product very unique.

5. TechMatte ProGrip Universal Windshield Car Mount Holder Cradle for HTC One M9

This is also from TechMattee, and it is quite popular, to date. While its price is so affordable, the car mount has been said to be very durable. On the other hand, customers have liked its design so bad, and its offering convenience experience is superior. In addition to having its secure grip to hold the phone, its head is made adjustable 360 degree, which means you can hold it on any position you want.

4. iClever IC-CH05 Air Vent Universal Smartphone Magnetic Car Mount Holder Cradle for HTC M9

IClever is another smart design car mount for HTC One M9. As you may have seen in the picture, it is produced armless with magnet to hold the phone. And, because this car mount is armless, it fits best with many other smartphones as well. More importantly, you can simply attach this to many places in your car such as the car air vent.

3. Annser Mini Grip Smartphone Cradle Universal Dashboard and Desk Holder

Having the latest elegant designed in red and black, this Annser is incredibly awesome regarding its user experience and the usefulness. As its grip is adjustable, the mount perfectly fits with many other smartphones besides the HTC One M9. While its head is fully adjustable, you can expect a lot of positions to hold your phone. A year warranty is also in the package.

2. High Grade Seat Bolt Car Mount for HTC One (M8, M9)

High Grade Seat Bolt car mount is a specific product, produced for only HTC M8 and M9. It has a very strong grip and flexible long neck, which these will let you securely hold your phone with various positions you like in your car. It is a very new product on the market, and it has been supported very well by the customers.

1. AccessoryBasics BASICS-III Smartphone Claw Holder

Sold in a very reasonable price, it is sure you are going to like this claw holder so much. For the design, you can witness its elegant style with your own eyes as in the picture. Even smarter, you can attach it to even your car windshield. Actually, you can stick this in many places within your car. While its quality is assured, a few favorable colors are there to choose.

The goodness of a car mount is it could securely hold your phone, it allows you to adjust its position well, and it does not cost too much. All of the products selected in listed come with such those qualities. That is why they are called the top 10 best car mounts for HTC One M9 in 2015.