Who is the Prettiest Girl in the World? List of most beautiful women in the world.

We all know that beautiful women can be found in any country of the world, but in some countries you’ll see there are more beautiful girls than in others. Nevertheless, if you plan on having a vacation soon and you would like to visit a country where you can admire beautiful ladies wherever you go, then in the paragraphs below you’ll be happy to know that we’re going to take a closer look at the Top 10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Girls In The World for 2016.  Keep reading also for our 2015 list below.

Speaking of beautiful girls, you may also like the song with the lyrics “Beautiful girls all over the world…” which is actually titled “Nothin’ on You” by Bruno Mars. Check it out on youtube below, and get in the mood to see some beautiful girls all over the world!

Most Beautiful Girls in Cuba – New for 2016!

Ode Beautiful Girls
Meet our selection Odette Juliette, one of the most beautiful girls of Cuban descent, and some would agree she is perhaps the most beauti- ful girl in the world.
ode beautiful girl
US President Obama made a historic visit to Cuba in 2016, signaling a new era for the Cuban people. Cuba is now joining the rest of the world, and will no longer be isolated or closed. This means that we get to admire and enjoy the beautiful Cuban women that have been hidden all these years.

Sure, a few Cuban celebrities have made it to the mainland like Daisy Fuentes and Eva Mendes, but there are many more beautiful girls in Cuba that we have not seen. Let us now admire these women, and you will surely agree that Cuba is now one of the top countries with the most beautiful girls in the world.

Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

10. Beautiful Girls in Argentina


Argentina is a relatively affordable country in terms of overall costs for food, rent and so forth, but it seems it also has a special ingredient: beautiful women. If you have never been here, then you should know that every woman here looks like a supermodel and they’ll easily take your breath away if you dare look at the for more than a few seconds. Argentinean women are also fashion conscious and they all love to dress to impress. On top of that, they are also romantic, so they’ll definitely be able to bring out that romantic side of you, even if you claim you don’t have one.

9. Beautiful Girls in Brazil


It doesn’t take an expert in Brazilian culture to know that in the fashion industry Brazilian women are very much sought after and that probably has to do with their curvaceous bodies. With very well defined shapes, beautiful tanned skin and a wonderful smile, Brazilian women can easily make you fall in love with them. That is why if you want to experience the best of Brazil in terms of beautiful women, you’d better put Sao Paolo on your traveling list.

8. Beautiful Girls in South Korea


Many men around the world love Asian women, but when it comes to South Korean women, their white skin, beautiful eyes and feminine body language will melt you away. There is something about their shyness that attracts men to them like metal to a magnet, so if you plan on visiting South Korea you’ll definitely be very impressed of their looks. Another thing you’ll love about South Korean women is the fact that they really know how to dress. If you love your woman to be well dressed for any occasion, then you won’t be disappointed when dating a Korean lady. On top of that, behind closed doors, it is said that they reveal their true nature and show you that behind their shy and reserved attitude, lies a real woman that needs to be taken care of if you know what I mean.

7. Beautiful Girls in Canada


If you’ve been to Canada, then you might have heard people talking about the girls in Montreal. The reason you’ll hear many men talk about this city is not only because it’s a wonderful city overall, but because there are also many beautiful women there that will absolutely blow your mind. Compared to other women around the world, they are also more open minded, since they are exposed to multi-culturality and on top of that, are very well educated. All in all, having a Canadian lady to go out with and maybe more will be an experience you’ll never forget.

6. Beautiful Girls in India


If you’re looking for some of the most beautiful and exotic women in the world, then there is no other place you can find them than India. Women here are not only traditional, but at the same time they’re very loyal, talented and expressive. If you love women who are exotic and have a lot of mystery to their attitude and in the words they say, then you’ll definitely need to book your next vacation here. India is a wonderful country with a lot of beautiful things and beautiful women to see and you’ll definitely love visiting here.

5. Beautiful Girls in Venezuela


Many men who’ve visited Venezuela have said that here you’ll be able to see some of the most beautiful women in the world almost anywhere you go. While most Venezuelan women are blessed with beautiful looks, those who don’t look very well will go down the route of artificial improvements through surgery in order to compete with the rest. Beauty is in fact an obsession in Venezuela and you can actually say that it’s part of their culture. However, women here not only look good, but they’re also smart and have a very cute accent you’ll definitely fall in love with.

4. Beautiful Girls in Ukraine


Whenever you hear about a carnival anywhere in the world, you definitely got to hear about Ukrainian women. Their sexiness and beautifully tanned skin are irresistible to any man. Especially, this country has a Capital that collected beautiful girl is Kiev. Its heaven that tourist can not forget it. Even better, many of them do workout as well and that is how they manage keeping their young and fit appearance. Who would disagree that Mila Kunis is one of the most beautiful women in the world, or perhaps she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

3. Beautiful Girls in Sweden


The top spot in this countdown is taken by Swedish women. With amazing blue eyes, blonde hair and a tall appearance, they look like goddesses that have descended from the skies to reward men with a display of their fit bodies and overall amazingly attractive appearance. Winning a lot of Miss World titles, being very intelligent and having a good sense of fashion, Swedish women unmistakably deserve taking the number one spot in the countdown of the most beautiful women in the world.

2. Beautiful Girls in Colombia

Colombia Beautiful Girls

Colombian women have something special and while you cannot initially tell what it is, you’ll later find out that it’s a combination of physical beauty, attitude and cultural values. Being close to Venezuela, Colombia does actually borrow some of its neighbor’s traits, but despite that it seems that Colombian has the edge in terms of beauty, having ladies that are just a notch hotter than Venezuelan women.

1. Beautiful Girls in Bulgaria


If you love riding a mechanical bull on the beach, drinking cheap vodka and seeing beautiful women wherever you look, then Bulgaria is definitely the country you need to visit. With beautiful medieval towns, some of the world’s best ski resorts and extremely beautiful women, you know there’s something that’s going to make you want to come back here again and again. May it be the cheap vodka or the beautiful women? How about both? Since ladies here are used to drinking and love it, you’ll be able to party very hard and also go home with one or even two beautiful Bulgarian girls for the after-party. Their mesmerizing green and blue eyes, dark hair, pale skin and tall appearance will drive you crazier than winning a million dollars at the lotto!

If you love women more than anything and are quite fascinated about the different types you can meet all over the world, now you know which the Top 10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Girls In The World are, so go ahead and choose the one you would like to visit on your next vacation.

Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Girls in the World 2015

Beauty has become a major component in the entertainment industry. And, it is somehow very interesting when people ask which country has the most beautiful girls in the world. Actually, there are beautiful girls everywhere. However, if we have a look at the countries that are best well known for having most beautiful girls in the world, the top 10 of them would be:

10. Beautiful Girls in Japan


Similar to South Korea, another country in Asia which is seen to have so many of the beautiful girls in the world is Japan. In the Asian way, Japanese girls are often found in a very gorgeous and cute look. If you happen to visit Japan some time, in addition to their beautiful cities, you will be amazed of how beautiful and charming the Japanese girls are. Your mind might be blown away easily seeing some Japanese girls on the street.

9. Beautiful Girls in Ukraine


Kiev is the biggest capital city of Ukraine, and it is also the best place you will find many beautiful girls in that capital. That is why Ukraine could be one of the countries with the most beautiful girls in the world. Many Ukrainian women are just pretty in their own ways by nature.

8. Beautiful Girls in India


While the United States has Hollywood, India has Bollywood. And, both are world class entertainment industry. That means you can guess the world of beauty is there. Inside the Bollywood, there are so many well-known actresses, and they are among the most beautiful girls in the world. A lot of people have said that Indian has a special combination of the natural beauty and their sexiness. That makes India listed as one of the top countries with the most beautiful girls.

7. Beautiful Girls in Lebanon



In the Arab world, Lebanon is considered as the best country with the most beautiful girls. Many of the Lebanon girls have a very charming look that it is quite attractive to men. If you are to visit Lebanon and look for some beautiful girls, with their mesmerizing black hair and green eyes, you will never be disappointed

6. Beautiful Girls in South Korea


In terms of beauty-oriented culture, South Korea is among the top countries. As you may have seen, for the last decade, Korean Kpop has been very popular, globally. And, that comes with the many beautiful Korean girls the world has witnessed. The combination of the natural beauty and the beauty-oriented culture has enabled South Korea to have many cute and beautiful girls who are extremely charming to millions pairs of eyes around the world.

5. Beautiful Girls in United States

United States

United States is a hug country with the biggest entertainment industry like the Hollywood. And, around the field, there are many American models, singers and Hollywood actresses who have shocked the world by their extreme beauty. Many people have agreed that United States is the land of the prettiest women on earth. That is an undeniably truth about this country.

4. Beautiful Girls in Russia


Russia is another country best known for having so many beautiful girls. The face shape, the slim body, and the beautiful skins have made many Russian girls the most beautiful girls. That is also the reason why Russia has had many models who could get into the world class stage. Some people even consider Russian girls as the beauty queens.

3. Beautiful Girls in Venezuela


If we look into the history of the Miss Universe, you will see many times that Venezuela girls have won the Miss Universe Title. For the last 10 years, Venezuela girls have managed to win 3 titles straight in 2008, 2009 and in 2013. That is simply the clear evidence, showing that Venezuela is really the land of beauty.

2. Beautiful Girls in Argentina


Being usually very tall and slim with dusky skin, Argentina girls have been appreciated badly as the queen of beauty. Additionally, Argentina is very well-known for their romantic culture. That makes many women in Argentina even more gorgeous. And, the best city in Argentina that is said to have so many beautiful girls is Buenos Aires.

1. Beautiful Girls in Italy


Oftentimes, Italy is very well-known for its fashion lifestyle, and its women are rated as among the most beautiful girls in the world. Their elegant body, westernized face shape, and the blonde hair and brown eyes make Italian girls charmingly attractive. Most of them are extremely in an awesome presence.

Top 10 of The Most Beautiful Women in the World

Apart from a beautiful face there are several other mysterious things to know about a personality while searching for the best and beautiful girls of the world. You can find a number of popular girls that can be beautiful for you from various angles. Though it is not easy to find out top 10 from the whole lot but till a small attempt is done hereunder in this regard. The list top beast beautiful girls of the world provided hereunder may not match with your preferences, as it is the mater of personal perspective, but still it may not disappoint you. Some of these are favorite picks from 2013, 2014, until now in 2016. We would love to hear from you, so please post a comment with your recommendation of countries with beautiful women, and we will include them in this list. Thanks

Who is the most beauti ful girl in the world?

Of course, there are beautiful women all over the world. Generally, these are our current picks of the countries with the most beautiful girls, agreed by the majority of the people. However, people might have a different idea on that because there is not a requirement at all of how “beautiful” is defined. In fact, there is no need to define “Beauty”. If they catch your eyes badly, they are simply beautiful, and all the countries listed above are those with such amazing women.

Beautiful Girls All Over the World

10. Alicia Keys


Even being classy, seductive and an alluring personality the music talent and electrifying voice are the other qualities of Alicia which made her popular all over he world besides her beautiful appearance. In fact she deserves to be on the top of any list of excellence in the world beside the list of the most beautiful girl in the world as well as the artists who topped the music charts for many years. She has not confined her talent to singing only as she was equally good in acting which she did when she was not busy in any singing project.

9. Naomi Watts


Naomi was selected to play the character of Princess Diana, the most popular biopic of 2013, not only for her appealing appearance but also for her eternal beauty. The true royalty in the personality of Naomi is one of the qualities with which she had justified the character of Princess of Wales. Her natural performance in that role was due to her capability of using her class, beauty and impact in a perfect proportion. She wowed her many times before and this was just another time.

8. Zooey Deschanel


Zooey Deschanel can be easily spotted among a number of female personalities in the world that are know as Hollywood goddesses on the basis of their self proclamation and surprising looks. though she was named after the name of one of the characters in the novel of J.D Salinger but still she is known for her unusually charming looks. Her involvement in TV sitcom The New Girl’ keeps her fresh in public memory when she is not busy in any singing performance with her Indie band. Her big and blue mesmerizing eyes are the center of attraction of her personality through which she is able to keep you captivated even with her appearance on the TV screen for few minutes.

7. Angelina Jolie


Angelina is one of the most kind hearted and selfless persons in the Hollywood. She is famous not only for her captivating looks, sexy figure or sensual way of talking but also her kind heart and noble nature. She is close to the heart of innumerable people not only for her perfectly amazing looks but also for a number of other features of her personality. Yes, her lips attracts millions round the globe and according to her fans, she is the most kissable lady alive in this world.

6. Amanda Seyfried


Though no one can find any ugliness in this alluring personality of Hollywood but surprisingly once she supposed herself to be seriously ugly for unknown reasons. She is, in fact, liked by a large number of people allover the world due to her immeasurable acting talent, sensational personality and enviable physical appearance.

5. Anne Hathaway


Her decent and charismatic role in Princess Diaries of Disney as Princess Mia had popularized Anne in her teen years. The lively character of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises was another role performed by her which had compelled people all over the world to remember her for long time. The brilliance of the role played by Anne can not be replicated by anyone on this earth. She is known for her genuine and versatile acting for these reasons also.

4. Rose Byrne


the role of Rose in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones had made her popular among her admirers all over the world. She gave a noticeable appearance in her role in that film though it was little to consider. Her role in Damages has given another reason for her admirers to be fond of her as she was nominated for several awards in Emmy that year.

3. Kate Middleton


The attractive and appealing looks of Kate Middleton had compelled everyone to appreciate her. This future Queen of England is alluring, elegant and a smart chic which is admired by everyone in the world. Even the gossip media follows her due to her unique beauty and elegance which is normally not found in most of the royal personalities of the world today.

2. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


The face, the body and her English accent are some of the things possessed by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley that have potential to keep you gazing and thinking about her for many hours. her performance in Transformers: Dark of the Moon had made her popular all over the world. the character of Megan Fox performed effortlessly by Rosie in this film, honesty speaking, can not be possible for most of the women in Hollywood.

1. Amy Adams Hottest Woman


Since past few years Amy is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood due to her alluring physical appearance and redhead. Her four star movies in 2012 had paved her way to win the heart of a number of her fans. Her role in Man of Steel of Lois Lane had kept all of her fans on the edge of their seats due to her marvelous performance in the film.

All the most beautiful girls in the world discussed here above had impressed the whole world in 2013. They are also supposed to influence the world in 2014 not only with their beauty but also their sweet and kind hearted nature as most of the beautiful girls are not famous in the world for their looks only. Some of them are popular for their charitable works and others through their remarkable and mysterious performance on stage or films. Thus it is worthwhile to consider these women the best and beautiful girls forever, even if you differ with the list provided above.

More beautiful women – Guess Which Country They are From

If you have a chance to go abroad, what kind of country will you choose to visit? A country with breathtaking view? Modern recreation? Unusual culture? Or beautiful people? Some people may hope that they will see beautiful girls or good-looking guys when they are on their holidays in other countries. Actually, people’s appearance are not all the same; it usually differs from one nationality to another one. And if you wish to see pretty girls, you can go to the 10 countries below.

1.Beyonce is an American singer and actress

1.Beyonce is an American singer and actress

1.Beyonce is an American singer and actress

2.Luisana Lopilato, Actress, Model and Singer

2.Luisana Lopilato, Actress, Model and Singer

2.Luisana Lopilato, Actress, Model and Singer

3.Liu Yifei is a professional singer, model and actress

3.Liu Yifei is a professional singer, model and actress

3.Liu Yifei is a professional singer, model and actress

4.Saaya Irie Japanese actress, voice actress, singer

4.Saaya Irie Japanese actress, voice actress, singer

4.Saaya Irie Japanese actress, voice actress, singer

5.Tina Karol, Singer

5.Tina Karol, Singer

5.Tina Karol, Singer

6.ANINE BING, Singer, Model and Designer

6.ANINE BING, Singer, Model and Designer

6.ANINE BING, Singer, Model and Designer

7.Seohyun, Idol Singer, Dancer and Actress

7.Seohyun, Idol Singer, Dancer and Actress

7.Seohyun, Idol Singer, Dancer and Actress

8.Patchrapa Chaichua is an actress

8.Patchrapa Chaichua is an actress

8.Patchrapa Chaichua is an actress

9.Cyrine Abdelnour, Actress, Singer and Model

9.Cyrine Abdelnour, Actress, Singer and Model

9.Cyrine Abdelnour, Actress, Singer and Model

10.Elsa Hosk, One of the most beautiful Sweden Actress & Model

10.Elsa Hosk, One of the most beautiful Sweden Actress & Model

10.Elsa Hosk, One of the most beautiful Sweden Actress & Model


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