20 Best Walking Shoes For Men In 2016 Reviews

While some men prefer to simply walk for exercise, others only run, and there are many who do a combination of both while gauging their heart rate for optimal cardio fitness. The brands of shoes for walking and running activities is extensive, so choosing the right one requires knowing the percentage of each activity that will be performed during the course of regular workouts. Men who walk only will enjoy the well-made shoes specifically designed for them. Those who only run will want extra support for their arches, heels and toes, and those who cross train may wish to have extra flexibility in the soles and sides of their footwear.

Featured Shoe for 2016

#1. Gravity Defyer Men's G-Defy Extora II Athletic Shoes

Gravity Defyer Men's G-Defy Extora II Athletic Shoes

Gravity Defyer Men's G-Defy Extora II Athletic Shoes

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One of the best and highly rated walking shoe is Gravity Defyer Men’s G-Defy Extora II Athletic Shoes, shoe with springs. Your knees and joints take a beating when you walk or run, and for your longevity and health you should use proper cushioning to reduce stress on your joints. The Gravity Defyer brand of shoes with springs has a wide range of selection of shoes, from casual to dress to running to sandals all in both male and female. These are personally recommended as the shoes that this writer is using.

Best Walking Shoes for Men in 2016-2015 Reviews

1. New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe

1. New Balance Men's MW928 Walking Shoe

With the high quality reputation of New Balance shoes for men, it is no surprise that over 1,400 customers purchased this product. The company has a solid track record of making shoes that fit well and are comfortable, even when the customer has problem feet. This product features leather uppers and a rubber sole. The company offers technology referred to as “roll bar” which is intended to provide more stability to the shoe overall. Inside the shoe, there is a seamless, odor resistant liner. Seventy percent of customers gave this product a 5 star review. They were well –liked by customers with wide feet, those who were on their feet all day, and those who had medical issues to support. Some use these shoes to wear to work on business casual days.

2. New Balance Men’s MW759 Country Walking Shoe

2. New Balance Men's MW759 Country Walking Shoe

This is another distinctive model of New Balance walking shoes. Over 1,300 customers left reviews with mixed reviews. It seems that just over half felt these shoes were an excellent value and very comfortable to wear. For this reason, these may be some of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet. Many others commented on sizing problems they encountered when buying these shoes. They expected to find the same quality of construction they have known this company to have for years, but discovered that the shoes were either too narrow, too short or completely signed wrong when their purchases arrived.

3. Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

3. Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

This leather shoe has a synthetic sole for walking comfort. This model is available in wide sizes making it one of the best walking shoes for men with wide feet. It is available in nine different colors and textures of leather uppers. Many owners wear only this brand, and find that it is comfortable even when there is the need to add extra insoles or special arches made by a doctor. Of the over 1,000 customers, some have noted that the brand seems to be lacking in quality compare to shoes made in years past. But, for many men, this shoe is one they find dependable and wear regularly, even to work.

4. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

4. Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

These simple slip on shoes are very light weight, with a supportive one and one half inch heel as part of a rubber sole. Over 990 customers reviewed them, placing them in the potential position of being the best walking shoes for men in the casual slip on shoe category. They have mesh uppers and are comfortable to wear. They are available in nine different colors. Of those owners who left reviews, 70% left 5 star ratings, citing very comfortable fit and feel while walking long distances.

5. New Balance Men’s MX608V4 Training Shoe

5. New Balance Men's MX608V4 Training Shoe

Over 1,000 customers left reviews for this training shoe, making it a contender for being one of the best walking shoes in the New Balance brand. Made with leather uppers and rubber soles, this imported shoe is worn by many customers who work on their feet all day. Many positive reviews were left for these shoes. One customer wears them walking for exercise 20 miles per week. Most found that the shoes were very comfortable and supported their feet well.

6. New Balance Men’s ML515 Modern Classics Sneaker

6. New Balance Men's ML515 Modern Classics Sneaker

Featuring a classic design for men’s casual wear, these sneakers offer a sturdy rubber sole, a sock liner that is removable, extra support in the heel unit, extra cushioning in the multi-colored mid-sole and a mesh upper that allows for extra ventilation. Available in three color combinations, this shoe is a comfortable lace-up option for men looking for durable exercise shoes.

7. Nike Men’s Air Max 2015 Running Shoes

7. Nike Men's Air Max 2015 Running Shoes

With a mesh upper and rubber soles, this product is white, metallic silver and platinum colors combined into an attractive shoe. The rubber soles are partially see-through, which shows off interior air pockets that contribute to comfort and support while walking or running.

8. Altra Men’s Instinct II Running Shoe

8. Altra Men's Instinct II Running Shoe

This shoe has a toe box that is shaped like a foot for extra comfort. The uppers are made with an air mesh for ventilation. There are two layers of EVA in the midsole area for support. Owned by some experienced runners; they comment that this is a heavier shoe than optimal for running, but the comfort level is high and extends the time they can wear them and still have their feet feeling good.

9. Nike Flyknit Racer: Model 2.0 526628-012

9. Nike Flyknit Racer: Model 2.0 526628-012

This shoe is a very fashionable one, with a unique woven appearance. It is primarily black and white knit on the uppers with the distinctive Nike logo in white along the side. The soles have cushioned bottoms with a black and white weave. The Nike logo is also inserted on the bottom. These are on the high end for price, but for the fashionista, the shoes could be a welcome investment.

10. Ryn Nazca Sympatex Walking Shoes

10. Ryn Nazca Sympatex Walking Shoes

There are seven layers of cushioning and technology sandwiched together in the soles of these rocker bottom walking shoes. They are designed for unisex wear. Most customers who purchased these found them to be a satisfactory and less expensive alternative than other rocker bottom brands. They are available in four color accents on white. Some customers felt these shoes helped their medical foot issues to be resolved.

11. Nike Jordan Men’s Jordan Eclipse Running Shoe

11. Nike Jordan Men's Jordan Eclipse Running Shoe

These shoes have an attractive herringbone pattern in the fabric uppers. Based on positive reviews, these may be some of the best Nike walking shoes for men, regardless of their primary function as a running shoe. The rubber soles offer extreme comfort and the shoes are very light. Many customers purchased them as gifts. Of those that left reviews, 87% were 5 stars.

12. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Compete Lace-Up Walking Shoe

12. Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Compete Lace-Up Walking Shoe

With traditional laces and a combination of leather and other materials, these shoes offer to be the best walking shoe for men in terms of comfort and style. Some men prefer to have laces because the shoes can be adjusted for secure, individualized fit. Comments from owners mention that the shoes are very light and comfortable, but that they may not be as durable as other brands.

13. ASICS GEL-Saga Retro Classic Running Sneaker

13. ASICS GEL-Saga Retro Classic Running Sneaker

Comfortable due to the gel technology included, these walking shoes feature a midsole that is molded with EVA for extra cushioning. The tongue and collar of the shoes are padded. Customers who gave reviews were mixed in their opinions. Some feel that the design is perfect, while others feel that the shoes are stiff and rub against their skin.

14. ExerSteps Men’s Whirlwind Black Sneakers

14. ExerSteps Men's Whirlwind Black Sneakers

These sneakers are made with leather and feature a sole that has a curved design. When walking, this curved bottom helps to fully exercise feet and legs. The sole is also cushioned to absorb shocks and provide comfort. The sole offers extra traction and doesn’t mark surfaces. Customers have ordered these upon the recommendation of their doctors for a variety of problematic foot issues. Wearing these sneakers has helped to relieve pain and improve walking for these owners.

15. Adidas Men’s Ultra Boost M Performance Running Shoe

15. Adidas Men's Ultra Boost M Performance Running Shoe

This shoe comes in several fashionable colors. It has a flexible mesh upper which allows for greater comfort. There is a special design in the arch support torsion system that frees movements between toes and heels. Seventy percent of customers who reviewed these shoes gave position remarks with 5 star ratings. They mentioned that the soles seem to give a bouncy feel when they are walking which is supportive and pleasant. Negative comments included problems with the sizing being too narrow or too small.

16. Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

16. Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

Made with leather and mesh uppers designed with ventilating openings for adequate cooling air, these shoes have been purchased by over 2,300 customers. These shoes are available in nine different color combinations including: Walnut, Carbon, Black Night, Kangaroo, Brown, Grey Rust, Earth, Granite Lantern and Beluga/Denim Blue. The mesh lining includes moisture wicking and odor resisting features.The heels feature an air cushion that serves to absorb shocks. Though listed as hiking shoes, these are not suitable for winter hiking. They have had good reviews from summer hikers and bikers; and at least one soldier deployed in Afghanistan who wore them daily on hikes up mountains and rugged terrain with no slips.

17. Under Armour Apollo Vent Sneaker for Men

17. Under Armour Apollo Vent Sneaker for Men

This shoe is made with a mesh upper layer that helps to vent the sneaker for comfort. The technology advertised as being central to the high level of comfort is called “UA Speedform”, which refers to the design of the sole. Many owners feel that the shoe is comfortable enough to wear all day long. The sole is made with a thick layer of molded, yet lightweight foam. Most owners mentioned the light weight as being an important factor in the comfort level of these shoes.

18. Mohem Men’s Poseidon Slip-On Walking Shoes

18. Mohem Men's Poseidon Slip-On Walking Shoes

This model of Mohem walking shoes is made of leather and stretchable lycra fabrics with an open weave for ventilation. They are designed for casual wear and work well as an alternative to sandals. Most of the owners feel they are comfortable and breezy to wear. Several owners have purchased other models of this brand, due to what they felt was the higher quality of construction. These owners prefer this brand, and were pleased with their purchase of this particular model.

19. PUMA Men’s Ignite Running Shoe

19. PUMA Men's Ignite Running Shoe

This shoe has three features that make it comfortable for walking. It has a layer of foam for comfort, an extra thick foam shape at the heel for extra durability, and a full length midsole made of polyurethane blend for extra cushioning. The three components work together for maximum support and comfort.

20. ASICS Men’s Gel Running Shoe: Kayano 20

20. ASICS Men's Gel Running Shoe: Kayano 20

These shoes are one of the excellent products made by this Japanese company. The company name is an acronym for a Latin phrase which describes the ideal state of health; which includes being healthy in body and mind. The company goal has always been to make the best sports shoes possible, and with over 2,300 customer reviews, it is obvious that runners use ASICS shoes on a regular basis. They wear these shoes for the targeted gel support they provide. Others wear the shoes for everyday activities simply because they are very comfortable.

There are hundreds of shoe brands for sale that offer support for various sporting activities. Men can be assured that there is a style and price that suits their requirements. Due to advances in manufacturing, many of the best new walking shoes include comfort items such as thick, shock absorbing soles, open weave liners and uppers to help relieve excessive moisture, additional support structures in the arch and heel areas, and more attention paid to details concerning toe widths, padded tongues and stretch permanent lacing. All of these items focus on creating shoes that will last a long time, support feet and feel good.

Trying on several brands to find the right fit is the best way to find what really works before buying online. Some men prefer to find the brand they like this way, and then buy their favorites online once they know what works for them. This is particularly important when someone has a medical condition that affects their toes, heels or arches. Often, their doctors will recommend they wear a particular brand or style of walking shoe to help alleviate their symptoms. In these cases, results vary as widely as the men seeking the shoes, so trying on brands in person first is essential. Ultimately, many men wear running shoes all the time, regardless of the activity, simply because they are comfortable, and this has surely contributed to making these shoes fashionable.

When shopping online, it can be helpful to take note of the details preferred and find the most attractive and well-priced shoes which meet those preferences. Many selections have all the latest technologies available, while others are simpler. Some men will choose to improve their footwear collection by purchasing several shoes that they like, and alternating what they wear for different sports activities. Other men will stick with a tried and true favorite brand, buying many of the same kind to be certain they never run out of what fits them the best. The alternatives are truly unlimited.