1. Privacy Policy

Allbesttop10.com is simply a combination of product review and entertainment website. We bring the best lists of the best quality products to our readers as well as aim to entertain and excite our readers through our entertainment articles. As to professionally serve our audience, allbesttop10.com has set up its own privacy policies, which sits as the principles, terms and conditions for us and over readers. Allbesttop10.com has a full attention and intention with strong commitment for the privacy of our readers. The following will be the details information about our privacy policies. Should any of our reader does not agree with our policies, please do not involve with the service.

2. Information Collected by Allbesttop10.com and How It May Be Used

Generally, there are two types of information that Allbesttop10.com will collect from our users, which are the non-personally-identifiable data such as users’ IP and the personally-identifiable data such as your name and address which you have sent to us for subscription, for example. Regarding the personally identifiable data such as your email address, Allbesttop10.com might use that to send out our update to the users weekly or monthly. Nonetheless, users have had the right to unsubscribe to our service at any time.

In short, for however Allbestop10.com will deal with our users’ data, complying with the laws is the main and must-follow principle of us while oftentimes, the most important goal of collecting and using the data is only to serve our users even better and prevent misuse of the site at the same time.

3. Cookie Being Used

To certain extent, Allbesttop10.com will have to collect and use the cookies data of our users, and the main objective for that is to improve our service and provide our users with the best things they are interested in as well as save certain information such as your password to make sure our users can conveniently access the site again next time. By its nature, cookie is a kind of the anonymous data which will not allow anyone to at all discover the information of the specific users. Therefore, this should not impact our users’ in any means while the information is very useful for use to provide an even better service.

4. Information Disclosure

To the exact principle, Allbesttop10.com may have to share users’ information to the third parties for different purposes. However, we will do so only by the laws. Certain situations that we might need to share our users’ data include, but not limited to:

  • As to provide a smarter service to our users
  • When there is an agreement from the specific users about their data
  •  In case there is a corporation, we may have to share user-related information to the third party which is our business partners

5. Information Security

To provide protection from any possible unauthorized access to our website, we will strictly walk following the industry standard procedure to make sure our users’ data is securely stored confidentially. Nevertheless, 100% security is not likely to happen in the internet world. Hence, though we aim to pay our highest attention to protect the privacy data of our users, we could not guaranty the perfect protection for the users’ data.

6. Enforcement

To ensure that the principles are strictly followed, our team will regularly work to review and keep our policies most up to date with. Should anyone has any concern related to this, he or she is strongly encouraged to contact us through our contact details below. Our team will respond and immediately work cooperatively to deal with those complaints and make sure our users and their data are happy and safe.

7. Changes to Make

Allbesttop10.com preserves our right to update and make any necessary changes to make sure it serves every party the best. In case there is an important change, being made, there will be a confirmation. Additionally, users are highly suggested to review the policy by times to absorb the latest information about our policies.

8. Inquiries

If this summary of our privacy policy still could not answer certain questions of yours, feel free to contact us immediately for more details at………Our team will be very happy to answer any question you may have related to our privacy policy.

9. Amazon Associares Program

allbesttop10.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.