Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Time flies and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you still don’t know what to get then here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her or for him, for all you last-minute shoppers. There are so many possibilities so it is really impossible to pick the “top 10”, but in any case here we list our recommendations for 5 Valentine’s gift ideas for her and 5 Valentine’s gift ideas for him. Luckily for all of us, to the rescue, to deliver last minute purchases fast, and don’t forget the gift wrapping! For more gift ideas for the very special person in your life, your spouse, check out our article on 50 best anniversary gifts.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

1. 14K Gold Pearl Necklace 20-inch

14K Gold Pearl Necklace 20 inch

The classic pearl necklace definitely tops the list as a great gift for that special woman in your life. This necklace is eco-friendly and made of pearls from a sustainable pearl farm (which she’ll surely appreciate.)  Nevertheless the quality is exquisite and pure. Each necklace utilizes a 14K gold clasp, with the option of white or yellow gold. A most elegant jewelry box is used to package the necklace, allowing you to provide a beautiful presentation during your romantic candle-lit dinner. As a true classic, a pearl necklace will give enjoyment for years to come!

2. Godiva Chocolatier Ultimate Truffles Gift Box

Godiva Chocolatier Dessert Truffles gift box

Ummm good, Godiva chocolates certainly make a delicious and lovely Valentine’s gift idea for her. This scrumptious gift box contains 24 mouth-watering dessert truffles in a variety of flavors. Pair it with a nice dessert wine and she’ll be truly yours for Valentine’s Day!

3. Badgley Mischka Women’s Wool Floral Wrap

Badgley Mischka Women's Floral Wrap

Guys, remember it’s February and technically still winter out there during Valentine’s Day, so you don’t want your loved one to freeze on your special date night!  Get her a fabulous and fashionable scarf to keep her feeling stylish yet warm and comfy while out in the cold.  There are so many colors and fabrics to choose from, but we’ve picked one here to help you decide.  This one is made of 100% imported wool, with a subtle floral pattern and eyelash fringe trim, and a very pretty reddish pink color to match her kissing lips – pucker up!

4. Travelsky Womens Palm Clutch Wallet

Travelsky Womens Palm Clutch Wallet

Here’s another great gift idea that she’ll surely appreciate, and one we highly recommend (for more practical reasons.)  This lovely clutch wallet exudes simple elegance on the outside, but inside features an electro-magnetic blocking materials that will shield her valuable credit cards from an unscrupulous hack who might try to scan and swipe her digits.  Don’t let that happen!  It can hold up to 15 credit cards, and has various pockets for bills and receipts.  She can grab it and go when she wants to travel light, or drop it into her handbag with the rest of her belongings.  It comes in various colors, but black is universal and goes with any outfit!

5. Lily’s Home LED Candles, Set of 6


Our final Valentine’s ideas for her is a romantic candle set to help you lovebirds to set the right romantic mood at night.   Dim the lights, turn on the candles, sit back and enjoy!  This candle set is battery powered and uses efficient LED bulbs for long battery life.  Best of all, it comes with a remote control!  did you hear that guys, another remote you can play with!  Now you can conveniently turn them on or off from across the room as the situation calls for, so you can quickly get on with the main event.  This way, not matter how hot the action in the bedroom gets, there’s no worry about starting an actual fire.


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

1. Tom’s Ware Mens Premium Casual Dress Shirt

Tom's Ware Mens Premium Casual Inner Contrast Dress Shirt

Yes, every guy needs a nice shirt, so let’s start there.  And let’s face it, some guys just have no fashion sense, so it’s sometimes best for his significant other to pick a good shirt for him for this special occasion.  Going dancing at a club, or a fancy dinner?  We’ve got you covered with this great pick, one of my personal favorites that is both stylish and comfortable. It has subtle accents but not too loud, and the cuff can be worn inside out or normal. It’s very versatile and can be worn casual with jeans untucked, or with a nice jacket and slacks. Check out the many colors and styles to choose from.

2. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Stainless Steel Watch


Every guy would be proud to wear this smart Tommy Hilfiger watch. It’s Silver-tone featuring a black dial with three sub-dials, and a durable mesh band. It has an easy to use clasp with push-button closure and stays on tight while the action gets rough.  Work down to 50M underwater! Well, even if your guy is not a scuba diver, this bad boy can go in the shower and won’t mind getting wet at all. Tommy Hilfiger watches represent classic, American manliness! Get him one, and he will no longer have an excuse for being late on your date night!

3. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau de Toilettes Spray for Men

Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Toilettes

Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue spray for men is the #1 best seller in men’s cologne on and truly a classic.  Take our word for it, you can’t go wrong with this one. Want to cuddle up with your man?  well here you go, you’ll love it.   The scent is light and not so overwhelming, yet manly and sporty.  A great all around cologne for every occasion.

4. Triby – Wireless Connected speaker

Triby - Wireless Connected speaker

There are lots of wireless speakers out there that pair with your smartphone, but this is one of our favs. It has an easy-carry handle, or can attach to the fridge with magnets, or just sit on a desk. Of course it connects with Bluetooth and you pair your smartphone with it and listen to your favorite tune.  It can also serve as a hands-free speaker phone when calling.  Download the companion Android or IOS app.  One unique feature is its small display to show texts or send some romantic doodles. The battery can last up to a month. We think he’ll like this one, or perhaps some other wireless bluetooth speaker to listen to the big game.

5. Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones

Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones

Lastly, here’s another audio related gift idea for that special audiophile in your life. The Sony Studio Monitor Headphones are widely regarded as one of THE best headphones and are widely used by professionals.  I myself have owned 2 pairs over the years, and I can tell you they definitely do live up to the hype. You cannot go wrong with these Sony headphones.  Those low base tones really come through, all the way up to the highest frequency, with an amazing frequency response from 5Hz to 30kHz, WOW!   Sorry ladies, don’t blame me if he tunes you out, now he has a valid excuse!