Top 10 the unique things about Japan

What do you know about Japan?  Its mega stories, animate cartoon movies, some cultural festivals, the long lifespan country in the world, cuisine, or customs? Yes, those stuffs are the most popular in Japan. Among those stuff, some of them are unique that have only in Japan. By now, I am going to describe about top 10 the unique things about Japan that you should know about when visiting Japan.

10 the unique things about Japan

10 the unique things about Japan

1. Cuteness

For year Japan had never been cute for once, but after 70s Japanese started to create cute character, for example, the obsession with Kawaii culture. Those creations have made Japanese’s economic grow rapidly. Not surprisingly, even the warning signs are cute in Japan.

2. Japanese Service

Japan is the most service-friendly country; Japanese staffs offer polite and diligent service but they do not require any tips for motivation. Therefore, that becomes one of the unique things in Japan.

3. Uniform

In Japan, the first thing you can notice is uniform. All workers wear their uniform based on where or at which company or school they stay. Even the white-collar workers or professors also wear uniform. Uniform is considered as perk, and it now becomes as a unique culture in Japan.

4. Festival

Japan has about 100,000 festivals annually, and Japanese people have to attend at least one festival in each year. Some festivals seem to be very quiet while others are crowded, and one of the crowded festivals is matsuri by carrying mikoshi(small shrine) and performing dance routines.

5. Anime and Mega

Anime and mega are the most popular element in Japan. When talking about mega or cartoon animation, people will know where they are produced. In fact, Japanese artists create awesome anime and mega which keep people more entertain. Japan is the first country that begins to write mega story and produce animate film.

6. Samurai

Samurai had a long story in Japan since the early time as we can see from films or other documentary. Samurai has only in Japan; that is a unique thing. In the late 19th century, Samurai classes were closed by Emperor Meiji; however, the ideas, culture, belief, films of Samurai still play an important role in Japan.

7. Train

What is a unique aspect of train in Japan? People in Japan take train as their transportation when they go to any places. Both in city and remote area, people use train as their hobby rather than other transportation.

8. Karaoke

Karaoke is original from Japan. From the outlook, we see that Japanese people are very busy with their works; Karaoke becomes a unique culture for them and this has spread out all over the world.

9. Earthquake

Earthquake is a unique thing in Japan because earthquake happens many times annually in japan and 20 percentages of all earthquakes more than magnitude 6. Each earthquake has killed many people and result more and more tragic.

10. Kimono and Yukata

Kimono and Yukata are a kind of cloth worn in Japan since 1200 years ago until these days. These clothes have only in Japan, that’s why it is a unique stuff. Kimono is worn by women and children, and Yukata is worn by men. These kinds of clothes are worn only on special occasion such as weeding, cultural festivals and the like.

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