Top 10 Richest Countries In The World

The GDP of countries increases from time to time and that is why it is not easy to come up with a very accurate list of the top 10 richest countries in the world 2014. The richest countries in the world try their level best to finish unemployment by focusing more on national development projects and creation of wealth. The countries use their resources in a more prudent way to ensure that all their citizens live a comfortable life. Some countries are blessed with enormous natural resources that earn them a lot of revenue when they are exported to other countries. The top 10 richest countries in the world 2014 list is dominated by European and Arabic countries because the countries have enormous resources and low population. This article will highlight the top 10 richest countries in the world 2014:

10. Hong Kong


Hong Kong is an Asian country with a GDP per capita of around $50,936. The country is on the top 10 list because it has one of the highest GDP grossing in the world. The tourism industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and is listed among leading sources of revenue for the country. Most tourists are attracted to the nice infrastructural projects in the country that provide very beautiful sceneries. The rate of economic growth is very high and the country has many employment opportunities.

9. Australia


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Australia is also an Asian country with a GDP of $44,598. The country has the highest GDP grossing in the world and it is always seen as the next top country. Students from all over the world go to study in Australia because of its super class education. The tourism projects in the country are very impressive and the country is on the path towards becoming one of the leading tourism destinations in the world. It is easy to get employment in Australia because the country has many top projects and initiatives to deal with unemployment. The country will be richer in the next few years because of its grossing GDP.

8. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

UAE is a Gulf country with a GDPof $42,080. The country takes the eighth spot on the list when it comes to top 10 richest countries in the world 2014. UAE has a lot of development projects that are meant to create job opportunities. The country has highly grossing projects that are very successful and some of them include Etihad Airlines, Emirates Airlines and the Palm Island project. UAE is also known for its huge infrastructural projects.

7. United States


This is probably the largest and most powerful countries in the world with a GDPof $ 51,704. The country is located in the America continent and is among the most successful countries in the world when it comes to business. United States has lost its economic power in recent years as a result of various factors such as war and global economic crisis. The inflation rates are high but the country is still grossing very well. The United States is also not doing well when it comes to job creation.

6. Macau


The country has a GDP of $87,765 that makes it to be one of the highest GDP grossing countries. The country has experienced tremendous economic growth in the last decade and that is why it makes the list of the top 10 richest countries in the world 2014. The country’s citizens are fully employed because of the many economic projects that are initiated by the government every year. The country has one of the best economic projects in the world and that is why it is on this list. Macau has made some notable progress when it comes to taking full control of its economy and that is why their GDP has been increasing over the years.

5. Switzerland


Switzerland is a European country with a GDP of $53,367 which is the highest in 2014. The country’s earnings per month increases yearly and its GDP per capita income makes it to be listed among the countries in the world. They control prices of things and the country is always in full control of it economic situation. The country has good development projects that provide job opportunities for it citizens. Switzerland has a booming tourism industry that is also a major source of revenue.

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4. Norway


Norway is another European country on the list with a GDP of $65, 640. It is among the leading countries when it comes to quality healthcare, quality education and creation of job opportunities because it is the most top economic control country. The country has many business opportunities and also provides the best environment when it comes to doing business. Norway is a developing country with a highly grossing GDP.

3. Singapore


This is another Asian country on this list with a GDP of $91,388. The value of money in Singapore is very high and therefore citizens with a low income live a very comfortable life. The country has a total price control policy with good facilities to be enjoyed by its people. The highest earning business earning tycoons can be found in Singapore because of its favorable business environment. The country will always come to your mind when asked to name the top progressing countries in the world.

2. Luxembourg


Luxembourg is European country with a GDP of $91,388. According to World Bank and IMF reports, Luxembourg is the second richest country on the planet. The country is very progressive with a good control on the unemployment factor. The country has many job opportunities with some of the best medical and education facilities in the world.

1. Qatar


This is an Arabic country with a GDP of $100,889. This is the most resourceful and improving country in the world and that is why it occupies the first spot on the list of the top 10 richest countries in the world 2014. The country competes with UAE when it comes to infrastructure development. The per capita income gross rate is good and most of its citizens are employed. The Qatar Airlines is one of its major sources of revenue. The country was selected to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup because it has the capacity to meet the financial demands. Qatar is also known to have huge oil deposits.

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