Top 10 Hottest Weather Girls in the US 2016

hottest weather girls

Don’t worry about the weather, here’s our list of the Top 10 Hottest Weather Girls in the US to brighten up your day. For some people, watching the news can seem like a chore. Especially when the weather is concerned. With all its technical terminology and repetitive info, the meteorology report can often be one of the most dreadful parts of a newscast. But these ladies keep things sunny and warm year-round with their eye-catching weather reports.

Top 10 List of Hot Weather Girls in the US

#10. Jill Nicolini – Hot Weather Woman

Born and raised in New York, Jill Nicolini has made a name for herself on local New York news thanks to her work on other screens. She’s currently the traffic reporter for CBS 2 News This Morning. But when she’s not spilling the beans about weather and train delays, she’s taking her shot at real stardom. Thanks to her good looks, Nicolini is one very hot girl who was featured on Sex and the City, Law & Order, and even tried out to join the sexy girl group The Pussycat Dolls.

#9. Elita Loresca – Hot Weather Woman

This Filipino beauty made a name for herself reporting on natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina. But she made waves after being voted “America’s Sexiest Newscaster” by the now-defunct FHM magazine back in 2006. Now, you can find her on KTRK-TV in Houston, Texas.

#8. Jackie Guerrido – Hot Weather Woman

For American Telemundo viewers, Jackie Guerrido might be a familiar face. She started out as a traffic reporter before moving on to weather. And she just might be the hottest expert around-she has a degree in meteorology from the University of Miami. She is a rising star and even starred in her first movie, AWOL72, last year.

#7. Maria Quiban – Hot Weather Woman

The KTTV-TV weather anchor is a hit with viewers for her pageant queen beauty and thousand-watt smile. The Los-Angeles-based anchor has worked for KTTV for more than 15 years. Her work as a weather woman has led to roles on Cold Case show, Criminal Minds, and the film Blood Work.

#6. Jackie Johsnon – Hot Weather Woman

Jackie Johson is another LA-based weather beauty that brings the forecast to viewers nightly on KCBS-TV show. The fit anchor is known for her tight physique and Hollywood-quality beauty. The latter landed her a role in the blockbuster film Battleship.

#5. Vera Jimenez – Hot Weather Woman

The Mexican-born meteorologist is a fan favorite on KTLA 5. She’s only worked for the LA channel since 2015 but she already has a huge following thanks to her gorgeous smile and impeccable on-air style.

#4. Sabrina Fein – Hot Weather Woman

The CW is a place where many viewers tune in to get their superhero fix. But for San Diego viewers, The CW6 is all about Sabrina Fein. The breathtaking meteorologist is a hit with viewers and spends her free time volunteering for the Cystic Fibrosis and Make-A-Wish Foundations.

#3. Lissette Gonzalez – Hot Weather Woman

Miami is known for its hot weather. But CBS Miami is even hotter thanks to the forecasts delivered by Lissette Gonzalez. The beauty queen has worked for the network since 2007 and is well known for venturing out into the community for her reports. She is not just for show, but works hard and is gread at her job.

#2. Julie Durda – Hot Weather Woman

Miami area meteorologist Julie Durda is a South Florida news staple on ABC10. Known for her radiating good looks, the long-time weather girl recently added Mom to her job titles. And even in her post-labor photos, she looks ravishing. She is a real star.

#1. Bri Winkler – Hot Weather Woman

Bri Winkler is Los Angeles-based ABC7’s triple threat. She’s a meteorologist, general assignment reporter, and a sight for sore eyes. But don’t let her good looks fool you. She got her start in weather by storm chasing in Amarillo, Texas. This hot girl deserves her own photo gallery.

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