Top 10 Best Sunglasses for Women in 2016 Reviews

Sunglasses have been very popular amongst women these days. They have become a go-to accessory for which women use to enhance their overall style and fashion. Sunglasses have come in a variety of choices, ranging from cheap and low-quality pairs to pricey and high-end ones. As such, choosing the perfect one out of the variety in the market could be a very time-consuming task. Therefore, below we list down ten of the best sunglasses women can get right now.

10. Round Circle Half Frame Semi-Rimless Cateye Sunglasses


The Round Circle Half Frame Semi-Rimless Cateye Sunglasses is a very nice looking pair of glasses that catches many people’s attentions. It has a unique design, perfect for people who like to add a different yet cool fashion to their outfit. The plastic frame featuring two quality round circle lens make these sunglasses a great choice for modern women.

9. Sakkas Vintage Oversized Frame Fashion Sunglasse


Sakkas Vintage sunglasses are one of the favorite’s eyewear in 2016 for a lot of women. Many people choose this pair of sunglasses due to its quality acrylic frames with oversized design, fit perfectly for the current trend of fashion. The two lenses are made of maximum UV protection that can guarantee UVA and UVB rays blocking.

8. Wayfarer New 2014 Women’s Men’s Vintage 80’s Two-Tone Sunglasses


Wayfarer has always been one of the best choices throughout the years. As such, this Wayfarer Vintage 80’s two-tone sunglasses is a very trendy pair of sunglasses that girls love. Perfect for casual use and fashion extension, these sunglasses from Wayfarer are a must-have pair of accessories everyone should not miss out.

7. Ray-Ban Women’s RB4098 Non-Polarized Jackie OHH II Sunglasses


The Ray-Ban RB4098 non-polarized Jackie OHH II is easily one the most fashionable eyewears in 2016. Made with premium acetate frames and synthetic lens, this pair of sunglasses provides both quality and design that are the majority’s favorite. The UV400 lenses that come with this sunglasses are also a quality feature for 100% UV protection. You cannot go wrong with the Ray-Ban RB4098, it has every feature a perfect pair of sunglasses should have.


6. High Pointed Vintage Mod Womens Fashion Cat Eye Sunglasses


Standing at number six, this pair of sunglasses is one of the best looking eyewears for 2016. The shape of these sunglasses’ frames is cateye silhouette which is a unique and specially designed shape for modern fashion. Coming with the frame are the two 100% UV protection coated lens which are perfect for eye’s rest and comfort. If you want unique looking sunglasses with quality protection, you should definitely consider these Vintage Mod sunglasses.

5. xhorizon TM Vintage Oversized Frame Quality Fashion ZY Sunglasses


Talking about design, this pair of sunglasses is arguable one of the perfect choices to date. It features a premium acrylic frame with flat bow side design, perfectly suitable for women who are looking for a classic and elegant look. It comes with seven different color choices, you can never go wrong with this affordable and elegant pair from xhorizon.

4. ATTCL® Oversized Women Sunglasses Uv400 Protection Polarized Sunglasses


One of the women’s favorite for its design and quality, this pair of sunglasses from ATTCL 2016 collection is arguable a great option to buy this year. Both the frame and lens are composite and polarized, with shatterproof polycarbonate features, perfect for casual use and travelling. Moreover, this ATTCL 2016 eyewear also comes with an oversized frame design which fits perfectly in today’s trend.

3. LianSan Oversized Uv400 Protection Polarized Simple Sunglasses Lsp301


One of the best-selling and highly rated sunglasses in 2016 is the LianSan Lsp301. This eyewear is a perfect choice for anyone who wants not only premium built design but also a great quality one that can last for longer use. Coming with a variety of color choices for the women’s preferences, this LianSan eyewear also features an oversized frame build, making it a must-consider option for your next sunglasses.

2.  Coleman Women’s 6020 Polarized Sunglasses


Elegant, classy and premium are the perfect adjectives to describe this popular eyewear from Coleman. Having rated as the second best sunglasses in 2016, the Coleman 6020 Polarized Sunglasses feature a resin frame with polarized TAC lens that are UV-protection coated. Perfect for travelling and casual use, this pair of sunglasses can also be dressed up for professional occasions.


1. VertX Womens Pink Camouflage Sunglasses Fishing Hunting


Topping the list of the best sunglasses in 2016, these VertX Pink Camouflage sunglasses are the perfect eyewear simply for its sleek design and premium build. It features an oversized plastic frame design which is the trend of 2016 fashion. The quality lens that comes with this eyewear is not only UV-protection coated but also anti-reflective, which is the special feature that ensures maximum eye comfort. You had better mark this eyewear as a must-have accessory for your next shopping before it is too late!