Top 10 Best Smart phones in 2016

With so many smartphones on the market today it can be confusing choosing the one that suits you best. In order to purchase the ideal smartphone you need to decide which features matter most to you. For example, some people need a waterproof phone while others want the one that’s internal battery lasts as long as possible. Some people want a phone with an amazing camera while others want one that allows them to download all the apps they could possibly want or need.

Smartphone Buying Guide

Fruit vs Robot, Apple vs Android

Most consumers choose either an Apple iPhone or an Android based phone. There are advantages and disadvantages to owning either type. When choosing a new smartphone it is best to focus on what the phone will primarily be used for and how it will be used. For example, with its built in Wi-Fi, i-Phones are convenient for anyone who travels frequently. In general though, Android based phones are cheaper and, unlike iPhones, users can install a memory card into their phone to hold more pictures, music, apps, etc.

Size Matters

Those who are always on the go often prefers to choose a smaller model smartphone that they can easily hold in one hand. This is also the preferred choice of many users who have an infant, toddler or young child. However, someone that wants to use their phone to watch any type of video often go for the larger model phones.

Windows Anyone?

Though not as popular among consumers, the Windows smartphone is preferred by those who would rather not purchase an Android or iPhone. Even less popular among consumers are Blackberries, which used to be hot phones but are now often overlooked in favor of more sophisticated smartphones.

Battery Life

In today’s market, most consumers are less interested in smartphones with removable batteries, though these are more cost efficient for anyone on a budget. Smartphones that have removable batteries are convenient because when the battery stops working well users can purchase a new battery for their phone. The more sophisticated i-Phone does not have a removable battery, meaning if the battery becomes useless consumers are essentially forced to buy a new phone.

Fingerprint Sensor

Though it is a fairly new feature in smartphones, many iPhones and Androids now have fingerprint readers. While this isn’t a feature many users consider a must have it can provide added security in ensuring no one uses someone else’s phone without their consent.

Screen & Interface

There are certain features that consumers should look for when choosing a smartphone. One of them is the phone’s user interface; a well constricted interface makes phone use easier and more efficient.

Related to a phone’s interface is its touch screen. When choosing a smartphone consumers are urged to purchase one in which the touch screen is capacitive. Smartphone screens are either capacitive or resistive. However, resistive touch screens require the use of a stylus. Another key to successfully making the most of a smartphone is its keyboard. This makes it easier for users to respond to emails and post on social media.

That being said, continue reading below for the Top 10 Best Smart-phones in 2016…


Top 10 Best Smart phone in 2016

1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge

At the top of the list are Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge phones. Both have superfast cameras and allow users to take extremely clear photos and videos. They are also water resistant and include fingerprint scanners. CNET gave the S7 Edge the Editor’s Choice Award.

2. Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus boasts a battery that most users love. The phone’s camera is of a higher quality than that of older versions of the iPhone. While this is one of the most expensive phones to make the list, it still has its fans.

3. HTC 10 – Android

Going in a completely different direction, HTC has made a splash in the smartphone industry and its newest model doesn’t disappoint. The HTC 10 is rated the best for playing videos and music, due to its amazing sound quality. While its camera doesn’t quite measure up to that of the S7 Edge it’s still a great device for capturing all of life’s little moments.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 boasts a curved back that consumers find both comfortable and convenient. The display screen on this phone is far superior to that of most others. Whether the display screen is on or off, Note 5 owners will find that they can easily make notes with their S Pen. Its processor and RAM have also helped it become a popular choice with consumers.

5. LG V4

Said to be quite an improvement from the LG V4, 2016’s V10 has the coveted fingerprint scanner as well as a secondary front display that most other smartphones lack. For some users one of the best features of this phone is that it can also act as a remote control for a TV.

6. LG G5

Not to be outdone, the LG G5 also has some great selling points. The two cameras on the phone’s back allow for landscape photos to be snapped with ease. Its battery is removable, appealing to those who aren’t fans of the iPhone for that exact reason.

7. Google Nexus 6P

The Google Nexus 6P also has the much hyped fingerprint scanner as well as a C-Port similar to a USB port. The phones come in models with 32, 64 or 128GB.

8. Nextbit Robin

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign the Nextbit Robin is taking the world by storm. The Android device is far from similar to other Android smartphones, but this one takes advantage of cloud servers to enable users to store even more on their phones than ever before. It is one of the most affordable phones on this list without compromising its quality or features.

9. Blackberry Priv

Android users that still have a soft spot for Blackberries are making the Priv a popular choice. The battery charges quickly and wirelessly, features many consumers desire.

10. LG G4

Last but not least is the LG G4. Its affordable price and features such as a Snapdragon processor make it a viable choice for a quality smartphone.

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