Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Cases and Covers

Having a good smartphone, you also need smart accessories. Some accessories like cases and covers are very useful and helpful to your smartphone. It not only protects your phone from getting old faster by scratches, it also helps add more beauty to your phone. And, this makes up a trend that when one buys a new smartphone, they immediately are going to buy its accessories. As Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have just been opened for sale, we will now review the top 10 best cases and covers for these two kinds of the Samsung phones.

10. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case

Here is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge case. This Samsung model has just been released, and many customers, who have bought the phones, have looked for its case and cover. So far, this product is among the most bought and popular cases. For the design, this Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge case was framed green with high transparency at the back. Generally, it looks so nice by its way.

9. Galaxy S6 Edge Case, Verus Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case

With a variety of colors available, this Galaxy S6 Edge case is one of the very fashionable designs with good price. It is super slim, and it was made with a high quality plastic. To a certain level, this case could protect your phone very well when it was accidentally dropped. Additionally, the case also includes the screen protector which works very so nice against scratching.

8. Galaxy S6 Edge Case, OBLIQ [Slim Meta] Ultra Slim

OBLIQ is also selling a nice design Galaxy S6 Edge case. Like you can see in its picture, the color combination for the product design is gold and white. They go together very well, making it look very attractive. Even better, it was made for full protection of the phone, the drop and scratch. Having this on your phone, you will feel a lot more relaxing.

7. Galaxy S6 Case, Verus Heavy Drop Protection Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

Best known for best protection of the heavy drop, it is the Galaxy S6 case from Verus. In addition to this special feature, the design of this Samsung Galaxy S6 case is as well very awesome. Its surface has been coated by the soft feel rubber which sticks itself to your hands well. However, the product is now only shipped around US.

6. Galaxy S6 Edge Case, ACEABOVE Galaxy S6 Edge Wallet Case

Differently from the above reviewed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, this one is a leather wallet case. Surely, it could protect the phone fully because the real cobra leather, used to make this product, is soft with high quality. If you do not so much like the plastic case, this could be another very good option for you.

5. Galaxy S6 Case, Verus Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case

Fit best with only Samsung Galaxy S6, this Verus Galaxy S6 case is a special edition which has gained a good support from the customers. While its price is not too expensive, the case was mainly made from the premium quality leather. Its design is modern and fashionable. After touching this, you will start to love it even more.

4. Galaxy S6 Edge Case, Verus Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case Dual Layer Protective Card Case

This is another Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge case design from Verus. From the product review, the customers have rated this case 4.5 stars. They should like the product so much. Meanwhile, it has a smart and stylish design. At the back of this case, two cards can be stored as you may have seen in the picture. This feature makes you even more convenient with your daily need.

3. Galaxy S6 Case, SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case

Do you want a full protection for your Samsung Galaxy S6? If so, then this SUPCASE is among the best, either of the design, quality or price. As compared to most of the products in the list, you will find it hard to see such a nice case with good quality which is sold at that low price. The only thing that matters with this product is its design. If you like the way it is, you are highly suggested to purchase this.

2. Galaxy S6 Case roocase Clear Back Design Protective Hybrid PC TPU Case Cover

The roocase instead is offering a classic design of Samsung Galaxy S6 case. It looks so simple but seems to be very attractive to people. The frame line is made in black, and the rest is transparent. This case is also built in with a screen protector which is highly resistant to scratch. Additionally, this case is as well extremely durable.

1. Verus Card Slot Samsung Galaxy S6 Damda Slide Case – Retail Packaging – Satin Silver

By the design you see of this product, you can find various colors available besides this silver. Its overall presentation is so elegant. That is the point which makes so many people decide to purchase this Samsung Galaxy S6 case. Another unique and superior quality of this Samsung Galaxy S6 case is it has the special sliding technology for the card storage at its back.

Each one of all the best Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge cases above has its own unique design. While their qualities can be assured, the only thing you have to do is finding the best look you like. And, you can place an order with a good relaxation.


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