Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks For Men in 2017

Masquerade masks continue to remain popular to this day in the US culture and other countries, so here are ten best masquerade masks for men. Whether you are going to a masquerade gala, mardi gras, prom, holiday party, bachelor party, Halloween, or costume play, one of these masquerade masks below will surely suit your needs.

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These masks we highlight below are designed differently for men and women as the structure of their faces is quiet different. The mask that suits to your personality along with the structural composition and shape of your face can be considered as an ideal fit for you.

Masquerade masks for men are available in various types, sizes, shapes, colors and designs including eyes only masks, full face masks and half face masks, in the market. Most buyers agree that for men the best masks are ones that don’t cover the entire face, such as half masks or eye masks. One must chose a masquerade mask as per the need of the event. Brief information about some of the top best masquerade masks for men is provided in this write up to help you in choosing a suitable mask for you.

10. Kayso Inc Original Lover’s Collection – Couple’s Masquerade Mask Set

This set of masks introduced by Kayso Inc available in wide range of colors can be purchased for about $19 with free shipping facility from Amazon. These laser cut masks are made of eco friendly light weight alloy of metal. No flaking of paint, exceptional craftsmanship, no discoloration and no excess residual messy glue are its other important features. All the artwork on this one size fit mask is hand drawn and decorated with Czech Preciosa rhinestones. Its fitting can be adjusted by hand through the satin ribbons attached to its sides.

9. Casanova Silver Men’s Masquerade Mask

This masquerade mask offered by Success Creations USA is available at about $19 including shipping charges through Amazon. The cuts on this mask complement any ones face smoothly and beautifully. The elastic band provided on it keeps it safe and fabric lined in it makes it comfortable for the wearer. It is the best mask as it is made of high quality materials.

8. Forum Novelties Men’s Venetian Style Jester Mask

Forum Novelties introduced this black and gold colored masquerade mask for men at its list price of about $24 but Amazon has offered 32% discount to its online customers by offering it for about $16.50 plus about $6 as shipping charges. Its one size fits to almost 90% people but still you can use their size chart to find a suitable mask for you. This imported mask made of 100% polyester can be washed by hands. This Venetian jester full costume mask is embroidered with bells, faux pearls and metallic gold trim. It is an ideal mask for Halloween parties, themed costume parties and various other similar events. It is manufactured by the company which is manufacturing novelty products since last 30 years.

7. Phantom of the Opera Venetian Masquerade Mask

This new mask with cracks for men was introduced by PartyWorldSupplies through Amazon with free shipping facility at about $21.50. This imported mask is made by hand by using the traditional technique of papier mache and is coated with fine resin plaster to give it final shape with cracks. This mask with crafted cracks on it is finally finished with acrylic paint of one color to cover only of the face. This brand new item can be worn safely with the help of silk ribbons.

6. Zanni Venetian Mask

This mask introduced by KBW GLOBAL CORP, the manufacturer of Black w/Black Glittered Swans and Male Masquerade Costumes, is available through Amazon with free shipping facility for about $14 against its list price of about $18 to allow its online buyers a discount of about 23%. This on size mask fit to almost all adults. This mask was made after being inspired by masks displayed during Mardi Gras celebrations.

5. Black Phantom Mask Black Musical Half Face Venetian Masquerade Mask

This Phantom Design mask for Men is introduced by QJ at about $35 but Amazon has offered a discount of 14% to its online buyers to allow them save about $5 on every purchase. This half mask is made in unique Italian fashion by providing Venetian style lining in it. It can give lasting and amazing life time impression on any event due to its complicated Venetian details. This one side mask can fit to most of the adults and can be worn on a variety of occasions.

4. Green Venetian Masquerade Mask

This Mardi Gras Prom Party Accessory introduced by SeasonsTrading can be bought online through Amazon at about $7 against its list price of about $10. Amazon also charges nearly $7 against its shipping charges. This strong masquerade mask made of durable plastic can be worn easily with the help of back colored ribbons attached to it. You can use your creativity to customize this one size fit all mask. It is perfect for almost all the events including costume parties, wedding ceremonies and dance parties etc.

3. Venetian Black & Gold Half Face Mask

Venetian has introduced this Masquerade mask in ‘Phantom of the Opera’ design through Amazon at the price of about $19 with free shipping facility. This mask designed with complicated Venetian details can give life time and long lasting dramatic impression at any occasion due to its stunning beauty. It is a comfortable wear as it is made of high class light weight materials.

2. Gold Attractive Halloween Party Mask

Maskette has introduced this masquerade mask for men through Amazon at just about $8 but Amazon has offered about 32% discount to its customers. Amazon also offers free shipping facility of you order products for more than $35. It can fit suitably to teens and adults with the help of ribbons attached to it. The cool and attractive design of this mask is made of comfortable and bendable plastic. It is ideal wear for all type of events including themed parties, Halloween celebrations etc.

1. Classic Venetian Phantom of The Opera

Classic Venetian Phantom of The Opera

You just cannot go wrong with the classic look of Phantom of the Opera.  Available in various tones, we prefer classic black. This is a good quality mask, quite sturdy and solid using good materials.  It gets attached using a black ribbon, which frankly can be difficult to tie yourself, so ask your partner to tie you up!

Bonus: V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes Anonymous

Guy Fawkes V for Vendetta Anonymous

We live in a very politically charged world these days, and Guy Fawkes is still highly relevant and represents a counterbalance to the establishment, some say he represents the people. This mask is known more recently as the symbol of the underground hacker collective known as Anonymous. Its a cool cheap mask.