Top 10 Best MacBook With Retina Display Cases and Covers

Taking a good care of your MacBook might be a happy thing to do since you do not want your expensive MacBook to have scratches only a few day after the purchase. And, you simply just need the MacBook cases and covers with beautiful design and strong protection capacity to guard your MacBook. The only problem you might have is where and what cases or covers you should buy in. As to solve to this for you, 10 best MacBook with Retina Display cases and covers are presented below.

10. Mosiso Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 with Retina Display

Built to cover and protect the Macbook Pro 13.3 inch with Retina Display, Mosiso is an extremely popular case for your Apple computer. Available in a variety of colors you can choose, this case was made from a hard rubber which is perfectly to prevent and protect your MacBook from scratches effectively. Meanwhile, it also adds a lot more attraction to your Macbook with its stylish and coloring design.

9. TopCase Black Rubberized Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro 13.3

TopCase is another top brand which is offering a rubber case for MacBook Pro 13.3 inch. Its high quality rubber has proven great protection to their customers so far in addition to its lovely design in beautiful shapes and colors. As well, with its strong grip, it will stay with your MacBook until you want to uninstall it while the Apple logo has still been revealed through its precise cutout.

8. Kuzy BLACK Rubberized Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro 15.4

If your Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display is 15.4 inch, then, you can go for this black Kuzy. This selected Kuzy is in black; however, a bunch of different other colors are available. While its quality is assured, if you love the design of this Kuzy, you can likely find your favorite color easily. Another point to mention is this Kuzy is quite soft to touch, and it will prevent scratches to the max.

7. iBenzer Case Cover & Keyboard Cover for Macbook Pro 13 with retina display

This package instead from the iBenser is a two in one order. It contains an attractive cover for the Macbook Pro 13 inch as well as the keyboard skin. It is indeed a complete set for complete protection of your MacBook. As the cover was made from high quality soft rubber, it could nicely prevent scratches and reduce the impact on your Macbook to an extent when accidental drop happens.

6. Mosiso Hot Blue (Tiffany Blue) Retina 13-Inch Rubberized Hard Case Cover

As well quite popular with high customer review rate, Mosiso Hot Blue might be among your most favorite options. While it is proven to perfectly protect your MacBook from scratches, the rubber used to make this case is extremely soft but hard. More importantly, the product is sold in a reasonable price with premium quality.

5. TopCase ROYAL BLUE Cover for Apple MacBook Pro 13.3

TopCase has also had a 2 in 1 package, containing a beautiful case as well as the keyboard cover. Though in combination, the total price seems so low which makes many customers place the order for this item happily while the quality of products from TopCase should be highly reliable. On the other hand, its customer review from the prior buyers is as well in the favor of the earlier statement.

4. TopCase New Macbook Pro 13 13 inch with Retina Display

For even more of a complete protection, this TopCase package contains many accessories in one for you. In case you need many accessories and do not want to spend a lot of time looking for them one by one, this package worth your consideration. It contains a hard rubber case, screen protector, sleeve bag, and the keyboard skin. This package is really a nice combination for you.

3. TopCase Macbook Pro 15 15-inch A1398 with Retina Display

Specially combined for the MacBook Pro 15 inch, this package from TopCase is a 4 in 1 order. A smart cover case, screen protector, durable sleeve, and the skin cover are all those four accessories. And, these are all what you need to provide full protection to your MacBook 15 inch.

2. TopCase Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 with Retina Display

This is also an item from the TopCase, but it comes in a complete color design. As you might have seen in the picture, its appearance is very unique by the color pattern it paints on the case. Most importantly, this hard case could guard your MacBook perfectly from dust, scratches, and scrape in addition to its nice grip with the computer.

1. Kuzy Retina 13-Inch NAVY BLUE Rubberized Hard Case

If you have already started to love the Kuzy case, and if you are looking for the Kuzy case that best fits your MacBook Pro with Retina Display 13 inch, this seems to be the one. This Navy Blue hard case was made so soft to touch while its hardness is ideally for preventing your MacBook from strong impact and scratching. Meanwhile, certain parts have also been vented to let the heating air flowing out easily. This will help to reduce a lot of heat from your Apple computer.


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