Top 10 Best Lawn Mowers in 2015

There is no denying the fact that lawn mowers have a very important role to play when it comes to maintaining the garden and keeping it in good shape. Apart from creating a positive environment in the home, they also go a long way in adding lot of value to your home. There have been instances where well mowed and well maintained gardens have resulted in the value of homes increasing by quite a few thousand dollars. Hence there certainly is a lot of commercial and economic interest in ensuring that you choose the right lawn mower.

However, this is easier said than one because of the simple fact that there are literally dozens of brands and models of lawn mowers in the market place. However, after going through the various models it has been possible to come out with a list of top 10 lawn mowers of 2014 which are also considered the best in the business.

10. GreenWorks 25022 20-in 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

This is often considered by many to be a great electric lawn mower. It has quite a few features including 12 amp motor and a very high quality and heavy duty 20” cutting deck. It can mulch grass and also dispose it off from the side or gobble the grass inside the back baggage. At a price of $189 it is certainly a very good buy considering the various features that it comes with.

9. Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel Mower (6201)

This reel mower priced at $56.00 is certainly a low cost, high performing garden mower that has quite a few interesting features and specifications. Amongst other features since it is very ergonomically designed it makes pushing that much easy. According to many users it has a 65% improved pushing convenience rate when compared to other brands and models. It has a cutting power that is double in strength when we compare it with other brands. The cutting system consists of high quality blade that stays powerful and sharp for a long period of time. All in all a good buy at the price at which it is available.

8. Black & Decker MM1800 18-Inch 12 amp Corded Mower

It is certainly a very good looking corded lawn mower that is good both in terms of affordability and performance. Available at a price of around $51.00 when purchased from, this electric lawn power is certainly a devil when one experiences the 12 amp power that it is able to generate. It is not only ergonomically designed but also is very lightweight which enables easy pushing and maneuvering

7. Husqvarna 7021P Lawn Mower

It’s one of the few lawn mowers that is not only high on performance but comes with a CARB compliance certificate. It is a gas powered lawn mower with rear wheels. It is very suitable for small sized yards. It has a unique 3-in-1 cutting system, which can much, rear bag or even side discharge the cut grass. The wheels are quite big with a 12 inch diameter which makes is very easy to maneuver over rough and difficult terrain. The handle is ergonomically designed.

6. Black & Decker SPCM1936 19-Inch 36 Volt Self-Propelled Cordless ElectricLawn Mower

This is a much talked about 36-volt cordless electric self propelled lawn mower. It is priced at around $165 which is high when compared to some other models. But the features are quite attractive. Since it is not operated by gas or electric, it is quite eco friendly to say the least. It has a variable speed device too.

5. RoboMow RL850 Robotic Cordless Electric Lawn Mowe

This is a cute looking mower and is one among the few robotic lawn mowers in the market. It works automatically and no manual intervention is needed. It can cut up to 24,000 sq. feet with a single 24 hour charge. It is priced at $1,999. It has some of the best artificial intelligence as far as robotic mowers are concerned.

4. Toro 20360 e-Cycler 20-Inch 36 Volt Cordless Mower

This mower is available at just $59 with It is a light weight high performing mower that is very stylishly designed. It comes with a two year limited warranty. It is cordless and hence carrying it around is not a big problem at all.

3. Greenworks 25302 Twin Force G-MAX 40-volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Mower

it is a Li-Ion battery charged mower with great looks and even greater performance. It comes with a twin force aerodynamic dual blade design amongst various other features. The battery can easily offer 70 minutes of uninterrupted mowing.

2. Black & Decker CM1936 19-Inch 36 Volt Cordless Electric Mower

This is another very popular lawn mower which works without a cord. It costs around $176.00 and has an easy to use 1 touch adjustment which changes the height of all four wheels immediately. It weight around 72 pounds and comes with 19 inch deck size.

1. LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO Robotic Lawn Mower

This mower is priced at $1384.00 when purchased from It is a semi automatic robotic lawn mower is quite lightweight easy to use. It is free from gas and oil and hence very environment friendly. It has artificial intelligence to sense yard boundaries.