Top 10 Best Electric Shavers for Women

Finding the right electric shaver can often times be quite a challenge because of all the brands that claim to offer the best. However, if you know exactly which shavers are actually worth the investment, that is when you’ll be able to find one that best suits your needs. As an alternative, you can consider using an epilator device. Read about the best epilators on

10 Panasonic’s ES2216PC Wet/Dry Curve Electric Shaver

This shaver offers a 4 floating pivoted heads too ensure safe shaving no matter how close you get. It trims long and even coarse hair without causing any irritation, and can operated for over 20 minutes when fully charged. The only drawback is that it takes 12 hours to fully charge.

9 Remington’s WDF4815ACDN/2 Electric Shaver

This shaver works well both in wet and dry conditions where it comes with a shaving foil to provide optimum comfort while shaving delicate areas like the bikini. Its detailed trimmer comes with this adjustable comb so that you can also groom your eyebrows for precise trimming.

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8 Ragalta’s RLES-260 Pivoting Electric Shaver


Ragalta’s electric shaver comes with a 2 speed setting and ultra-close technology that creates better more effective shaving sessions without any pain or irritations. The quick releasing buttons offer easy replacements of the head so that you can always use the device for shaving. It is also very lightweight weighing just 12.8 ounces, which makes shaving delicate areas much easier.

7 Emoji’s Divine Electric Shaver

This shaver comes with 36 individual tweezer discs that can remove double the hair than normal shavers in less time without discomfort and less pain. The patented skin gliding technology helps to lift up and remove all unwanted hairs by imply gliding through with the disks over the skin to prevent irritation. Plus, the designed is uniquely contoured to help keep your skin taut and to also minimize and pulling from happening.

6 Mikati Japan’s Ladies Electric Shaver

This shaver works perfectly well in both wet and dry conditions, but what makes it so easy to use is its quick acting shaving blades that just glide through the hair without harming the skin. It is also made with a nice rubbery grip so that your hand won’t slip around as you shave your delicate areas and all your body and facial hair.

5 Philips HP6341/00 Ladies Electric Shaver

This shaver doesn’t just work magnificently on wet and dry skin, but it also is completely wire free and so you won’t have to worry about any tangling happening. It is made with a very safe shaving system that works well to thoroughly protect the skin, while the profiled ergonomic grip can prevent damages from happening

4 HK’s PS1086 Electric Shaver for Women

This ergonomic designed electric shaver is completely LED light operated, and so it provides optimum shaving experiences without the pain. It is powered by a Power Adapter or USB and can be used for 40 straight minutes when fully charged. It only takes 8 hours to fully charge, and the best part is that it is also super easy to clean, as the blades can easily be detached.

3 Panasonic’s ES2291DT Ladies Electric Shaver

This shaver from Panasonic a floating head shaving system that conforms to the exact shave of your body as you shave. This prevents cuts, burns, and irritations from happening, making it perfect for girls with sensitive skin. It also works well in wet and dry conditions.

2 Remington’s WSF4810DC Women’s Electric Shaver

This shaver is perfect for traveling and for everyday use, as it is compact, durable, and lightweight. It comes with dual trimmers to provide fast and easy shaving without missing any strands of hair. The design helps to prevent nicks and cuts from happening, while also being very efficient in shaving even coarse rough hair.

1 Epilady EP-810-33A Legend Women’s Electric Shaver

This slick designed, highly durable, compact, and easy to use electric shave comes with all the vital features a shaver should have. It can be used both with or without a cord, and can remove hairs of all shapes, sizes, and textures to leave the skin surface completely smooth and hair free for as long as 4 weeks. It is quiet when in use and can be used in two different operating speeds so that you can have the control over your shaving experience.

All of these shavers definitely are great to invest your money in, as they offer all the necessary features a quality women’s electric shaver should provide. Finally, you may be interested in additional bikini area trimmers from


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