Top 10 Best Electric Meat Grinders

When purchasing a new meat grinder, not only do you have to consider the use, and meats you are going to grind, you have to consider other factors as well. The power, the speed, how well it can grind, and what the price is for the machine you are going to buy. Due to the fact that there is more than one for you to choose from, you have to keep in mind what you are looking for, the desired use, and what features are more important to you personally, so that you can find the right new machine for you, when the time comes for you to decide on the one you want to buy for personal use.

10. Back to basics pro 4500

Back to basics pro 4500
Not as fast as others, but for under $100, it is a good choice for those on a budget. Not only can it grind any meat, it is also a fairly powerful machine for a lower price point. And, with a simple white body, and silver grinding portion, it is going to go well in any home, and it is going to match up well with any other appliances that you may have in your kitchen space at home.

9. Guide gear 650 Watt

At 3 to 4 pounds per minute, you are going to get a bit more power here; not only that, the attachment parts are also going to make grinding a bit easier on you. And, with a simple design, with various attachments for the jobs you will do, and with variable speed settings, it is a good choice to consider, at a fairly low price point as well.

8. Guide gear 350 watt

Guide Gear 350W Electric Meat Grinder
It is not as fast as 650, but with more torque, can still do the job well. The slimmer and smaller body, and the ability to still process the same amount of meat, make it a better choice for those who are limited in space, when they are looking for a new meat grinder for the home.

7. Weston 575 heavy duty grinder

It includes 3 stainless steel coarse grinder settings, and has a number of attachments, making it simple to use, for various jobs you are going to do. It is fairly quick in grinding as well, going through a few pounds, in a number of minutes. A simple design, and simple features, also makes this a top choice when you are searching for a new electric meat grinder to purchase.

6. Sunmile 1.3 HP

It offers 350 watts, but a 1000 watt capacity, at a locked in rate, offers even more power, and provides even faster speeds if this is what you are looking for. A low price, simplified design, and the ability to produce 180 pounds per hour, are just a few of the unique features you will receive, if you choose this new machine.

5. Maxi Matic USA


A compact motor, compact size, and a few simple plastic attachments, make this machine simple to use, and provide you the simple different uses for grinding, when you are going for more meat in less time. A simple flip of the switch and under 3 minutes, is also it takes for 10 pounds of meat production with this machine.

4. Waring Pro MG1200


An extra large hopper, and all metal parts, are probably the most distinct features of this new machine. Power and efficiency do come at a price though, as this machine is going to cost a bit more than the machines listed above. But, it is quick, efficient, and you can expect several years of use, if you are willing to pay the price for this durable new machine for your home.

3. Panasonic MK G20NR


A small, standard size for families; simple, easy to use, and a flip switch operates the machine. It is a bit slower, at about 2 pounds per minute, but does grind at the desired consistency, includes a number of accessories, and comes with many attachments; the appealing low price, is what ranks this machine so high on the list, along with the trusted name brand in appliances.

2. Waring Pro MG855


The hopper, cutting plates, and entire body, are all stainless steel; it is one of the only under $200 machines, to include this distinctive and powerful feature. Two sausage attachments, fine, medium, and coarse cuts, and the ability to produce up to 3 pounds, in about 1 minute, are a few of the features you will enjoy, if you do decide on this low cost, powerful, durable, and good looking meat grinder for the home.

1. STX International 3000


Good looking, cleverly designed, and all buttons placed where they have to be; this machine will come in at the highest price, at about $500, but 3000 watts of power, is something that you are going to appreciate, which none of the other machines on the list is going to provide to the user of this machine. It does grind in coarse, fine, and medium modes as well, and you can grind literally any meat you place in the machine, with the slightest of ease, and with just the touch of a button on the machine that you are going to buy. In the US alone (past 7 years) it has sold more than 80,000 units, which is more than any other machine on the list, and is proof that it is a machine you are going to be able to trust, when you are doing any job in the kitchen, and want the best proficiency in the kitchen with the grinder you are using.

There are many top name brands, features, designs, and styles you can choose from, when you are buying a new meat grinder to place in your home. It is not only important to look at the power and cut, but also to find out what additional features you are going to get for the price you will pay. When you are ready to choose a new meat grinder for your home, and want power and efficiency, these are just a few of the top machines you are going to find, when the time comes for you to make the choice.