Top 10 Best Electric Fireplaces In 2015

10. Napoleon 50 Inch Electric Fireplace

This is an electric fireplace which is operated through a touch screen or a remote control and has adjustable settings. The adjustable settings enable users to regulate the amount of heat that they want and also amber intensity. The fireplaces produce different flame colors such as orange flame color or blue flame color. The fireplace is capable of heating up to four hundred square feet of an area with about 5000 BTUs. In installation, Napoleon electric fireplace may be mounted directly on the wall or recessed on the wall. This is determined by one’s preferences and in some cases the area where it is installed. The fireplace measures 5 inches in length, 50 inches in width, and 20 inches in height and weighs 56 pounds.

9. Dimplex DF12310 Fireplace

This is a 1357W electric fireplace which can be inserted 23 inches into the wall. The flame of this fireplace uses patented flame technology and is operated by the use of a remote control. You do not have to touch it to change for example the amount of heat, with the touch of a button you are able to change from your comfort zone. With previous fireplace holes, Dimplex electric fireplace can easily be installed. It has an in built fan forced heater which distributes heat evenly in the house quietly. The fireplace can be adjusted into full heat or half heat or just a flame for enjoyment. The fireplace measures 23.2 Inches, 19.8 Inches by 10.8 Inches.

8. Modern Flames Ambience 60

This is one of the Top 10 Best Electric Fireplaces In 2014 with a zonal heating of up to 400 sq ft. The fireplace does not require venting or any form of gas in order to start producing warmth. The fireplace utilizes LED flame technology which consumes low levels of energy and is easily customized. From the comfort of your seat, you are able to control heat and flame by the use of a remote control. It measures 4.9 inches by 60 inches by 25.5 inches.

7. Westmount Compact Infrared Fireplace

It has two heating settings that of 900W and 120W for you to choose the level of heating that is good for you at some times. The fireplace can heat up to 500 square feet which means that it can serve even those far away from where it is installed. It measures 21.2 inches by 10.4 inches by 16.8 Inches and weighs 50 pounds.

6. Touchstone 50 Inch onyx

This is a black colored electric fireplace which is mounted on the wall in order to provide heat in the house. It is fitted with a remote control which helps in controlling heat and flames from the comfort of your seat. The fireplace has a dual mode which means that it can operate without or with heat for the sole purpose of flame effect. It has an in built timer and measures 50.4 inches by 5.5 inches by 21.6 inches and weighs 39 pounds.

5. GreatCo 50 Inches LED Fireplace

The fireplace has a good orange flame where blue flames are intertwined in it. In some cases it may be only orange flame. It is equipped with 13 backlight rotating colors which not only supply heat in the house but also make it look smart. It is fitted with a thermostat and a remote control which helps in the regulation of heat without necessarily having contact with the electric fireplace. It is quiet and very efficient.

4. Frigidaire VWWF 10306

The brightness of the flames of this fireplace can be adjusted when there is heat or when there is no heat. It has an in built timer and a dual heat setting which helps in choosing the amount of heat that you want.

3. Fire Sense Black

The fireplace has a metal construction but has glass on the front. It has a soft touch panel which helps in controlling heat. It is fitted with a 1400W heater and other internal safety sensors.

2. Sideline Fireplace

It has a realistic flame and is designed for recessed wall installation. It is equipped with a remote control which regulates heat and flame in the house. It has a total of five flame settings and a dual mode.

1. Yosemite DF EFP148

It heats up to 220 sq ft with a realistic flame display with zero carbon monoxide production. It has a remote control for heat regulation.