Top 10 Best Cuban Cigar Brands for Cigar Aficionados

best cuban cigars cigar brands

If you are a cigar aficionado in the US, you may be happy that trade with Cuba is opening up and you can now legally get the best Cuban cigar brands.  For decades, Americans were forbidden from bringing Cuban cigars into the country, even if they’d purchased them outside of Cuba.

Just two years ago, restrictions were eased and U.S. citizens could bring home upwards of $100 worth of cigars. But for cigar connoisseurs, they know that $100 doesn’t go far. Thankfully, on October 14, President Obama lifted all limits on Cuban cigars as well as alcohol. But now that you can indulge without fear of consequence, you need to know which products are the absolute best. You can’t go wrong these 10 top brands.

#1. Cohiba – Best Cuban Cigar Brands

Cohiba is the brand that was rumored to be created specifically for Fidel Castro. At upwards of $70 a piece, the brand is proof that the former $100 limit posed a severe imposition. This cigar goes through an extra fermentation process and is aged. The result is a grassy flavor with hints of vanilla, coffee, and cocoa.

#2. Romeo Y Julieta – Best Cuban Cigar Brands

Named after the famous star-crossed lovers, these cigars evoke the same kind of youth. Romeo Y Julieta cigars aren’t aged for a long time. Because of this, the flavor profile is more diverse. They’re simultaneously herbal, floral, woody, fruity, and tangy.

#3. Partagas – Best Cuban Cigar Brands

These cigars are known for their size. The Serie D is a heavy and robust cigar that has a strong woody taste. Priced at just $12.50, cigar fans can get an earthy taste without breaking the bank.

#4. Montecristo – Best Cuban Cigar Brands

The Montecristo has been declared the best-selling cigar variation in the world. Its popularity comes from its versatility. Its tobacco taste is toned down to a medium level, and its flavor is pleasant-a mixture of vanilla, cocoa, coffee beans with hints of fruit and sweetness.

#5. Bolivar – Best Cuban Cigar Brands

Bolivar is a brand for the experienced cigar smoker. Beginners might find the tobacco taste too strong. These cigars are earthy while still maintaining tangy and fruity notes. This is one that needs to be smoked carefully to avoid any type of reaction. Novices beware.

#6. Punch – Best Cuban Cigar Brands

In step with several other cigars on this list, Punch offers a woody flavor. But this cigar has been around since the mid-1800’s. Some smokers even describe these cigars as spicy. However, the medium tobacco strength makes for an overall balanced flavor profile.

#7. H. Upmann – Best Cuban Cigar Brands

Just as Cohibas were a favorite of Castro, H. Upmann was the preferred brand of JFK. These cigars can seem pretty bland before the aging process. But after hanging around for upwards of 15 years, they take on a much stronger flavor.

#8. Hoyo de Monterrey – Best Cuban Cigar Brands

This brand is known for its Double Corona cigar. It’s a long cigar that offers a tasty flavor mix of cocoa and coffee followed by some spice. The tobacco strength is light, so this is one that can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced smokers alike.

#9. Ramon Allones – Best Cuban Cigar Brands

For smokers looking for a mix of coffee and chocolate in their flavor profile, Ramon Allones offers a great alternative in its Specially Selected series. With a tobacco strength that borders on full, its taste is balanced and earthy.

#10. Cuaba – Best Cuban Cigar Brands

The Cuaba cigar was once discontinued and returned to shelves in the late 90s. It takes a bit more work to get this one burning but the payoff is worth it. The Salomones offers a full tobacco strength and woody taste that gets stronger as it burns.

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