Top 10 Best Baby Shower Gifts in 2016

Baby shower gifts can always be a bit tricky, especially when you have no idea what the parents want to receive. Fortunately, there are countless gifts that you can buy that every parent will appreciate and find use for. Before you go shopping for a baby shower gift, make sure that you know your budget and that you already know what to buy, because it can be even trickier when you shop without a single thought on what to get. The best place to go shopping would have to be online, as you can gain control of how much you spend and your time.

Top 10 Amazon Baby Gifts, in May 2016

If you are interested in finding out what are the top Amazon Gift Registry Baby Gifts, here we have for you the list of top 10 best sellers for you to choose. This top 10 list is based on Amazon best seller rankings as of May 2016 for various baby categories.  You can buy several of these items and make your own generous gift basket.

  1. Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush
  2. Amber Teething Necklace for Babies (Unisex)
  3. The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer
  4. Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym, Vintage Boy
  5. Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle
  6. Tech Drop and Go Dump Truck
  7. Gund Winky Lamb Baby Rattle Keepsake
  8. Johnson’s Bathtime Essentials Gift Set
  9. Philips AVENT Classic Plus Newborn Starter Set
  10. Bamboo Organics Baby Washcloths

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

10) Photo Album

Photo Album
Photo albums have always been a mother’s best friend and the main place where mommy’s keep their souvenirs of their new born. Whether their baby is a boy or a girl, a photo album will perfectly suit the baby shower. If you already know the gender, a great way to make it an even better gift is by accessorizing the album with fun little items to personalize it to better fit their future baby.

9) Ultimate New Mommy Organizer

A new mother needs an organizer and lots of it, because their life will be spiraling like crazy before their eyes. The least you can do is make their schedule a bit less hectic with an organizer or even a calendar book to keep them right on track.

8) Foot and Hand Print Kit

These print kits are so adorable and really make some amazing memories happen. They aren’t so expensive, and the best part is that they can easily be found at various baby stores and of course online. If you want to buy them a frame to match the prints, you can always go for that as well and even personalize it with some dedications and engravings.

7) Colorful Swaddle Blankets

New parents need swaddle blankets and lots of it. If you don’t know the gender of the baby, just go for gender neutral colors such as yellow, green, beige, or gold. You could also just go for those printed ones with designs so that you don’t pick a color the parents won’t like.

6) Baby Gift Basket

If you’re up for it, consider making a baby gift basket filled with cute toys and decorations for the baby. The basket could be filled with a stuffed toy, a new keys toy, a pacifier, and all sorts of fun things. You can also add a few items for the new parents.

5) Soothing Sound Tapes

Babies can have a really tough time sleeping their first few months in, so giving a soothing sound tape would be a wonderful gift for the parents. Consider buying a couple different tapes, because you never know what will soothe the baby.

4) Gift Card

If all else fails, and you have no idea what to give at the baby shower, consider just buying a gift card. It is so much easier just to give the parents the option to buy what they want for their kid and the best part is that you won’t have to spend time looking for an item they probably won’t even like.

3) Mommy Spa Kit

The new mother will be having such a difficult time adjusting to motherhood, so giving them a nice spa kit will really help to relax her. If you want to customize the kit, make sure to add in bubble gel, moisturizing lotion, mani pedi tools, and a loofah.

2) Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are always a crowd pleaser at baby showers, as they are just one of those items that everyone appreciates and adores.

1) Baby Survival Kit

If you have the time to put together a baby survival kit, it would really be a wonderful gift idea. Although you can buy them ready online, you could always customize it yourself. Make sure it has milk, a blanker, first aid kit, a pacifier, and all the essentials a baby needs in case of an emergency.

All of the gift ideas above will definitely make a wonderful present to the new parents at the baby shower. Just remember to always think of what the parents will think of the present because you don’t want to give them anything that’s offensive or useless.