TOP 10 Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online Free in 2016

Welcome to the list of Top 10 Best Anime Websites in 2016 where you can watch anime online free. Naruto, One Piece and Bleach are some of the all-time favorite anime series that have become so popular worldwide. But it is not that easy where to watch high-quality streaming videos of your favorite series. Japan’s making it difficult for us anime geeks to keep track of our favorite series. All we want is good anime to watch, right?

First was the Manga series now this – anime series. But they’re so great at making these kinds of stuff so you just can’t help but explore the whole web to find these sites. Well, if you’re an avid fan, then you might have already found where you could watch them.

But, what if one site shuts down? Good thing there are more other sites to choose from! We’ve updated and listed the Top 10 most reliable websites where you could watch your favorite anime series for free. Yes! Absolutely free! Some of them allows you to download these series but most of them don’t. But need not to worry ‘cause you’ll surely enjoy watching these series on high-quality!

Let’s jot the sites down!


10. Anime Nova (

best anime websites

Anime Nova provides high-quality streaming of your favorite anime series. The videos are also supported with English subtitles. The series are all organized in their perspective categories. You can see the line-up of all the recent releases and which are updated with English subs and which are still raw. All these series are not downloadable but you can spend all time watching every series because it’s free! You can also download their application on your Android so that you can enjoy watching even on your mobile phones!

9. Anime Crazy ( best anime websites

If you opt to watch dubbed anime series, then you should visit Animecrazy. Yes, that’s right. Some are English dubbed series and some are with English subtitles. And again, all the videos are free. Once you click a particular anime series and episode, a list of links will appear then you can choose which link you prefer. Some videos are downloadable too.

8. Gogoanime ( best anime websites

As what their site says, it is the world’s largest free anime site! You may agree with that once you visited their website. A huge collection, of anime series dubbed and subbed in English, is available. You can go through the list or search what you are looking for. It is also noted which are subbed and which are not. If you’re also a fan of manga series, then you’ve killed two birds with one stone – yep! It’s all in one page. You can also download their app to enjoy watching their videos on your mobile phone!

7. Anilinkz Anime Stream ( best anime websites

Anilinkz is another trustworthy site to watch anime series on streaming. Once you click the Anime List, you’d be stunned how much anime series this website has! Anilinkz sure has a large database which assures you with high-quality English subbed videos. They’ve also got a chatbox where you could interact with the other users or you may request what anime series you’re looking for.

6. Chia-Anime ( best anime websites

Chia-Anime has one of the fastest and easiest database to search your favorite anime series! Though they have thousands of anime series to choose from, the videos for online streaming are definitely of high quality. Well, while watching these series, the OSTs or soundtracks would get stuck in your head and you couldn’t just stop singing that all day! You don’t need to look for these songs all throughout the internet. Chia-Anime provides anime OSTs too! Manga series and even Asian dramas are also provided by the website.

5. ( best anime websites

Watch-Anime also enables you to watch anime series for free and of high quality! This site is also one of the most trusted sites anime lovers visit. Everything’s updated and you can see when the last series was updated or what the latest series are available! With the wide selection of series, it would be difficult to find what you’re looking. Good thing the site has an option where you can narrow down your search according to genre. You can even search the anime by its release date or year – you can even choose between year 1950 to 2014!

4. Soul-Anime (

soul-anime best anime websites

Soul-Anime don’t just provide free online streaming of anime videos, you can also download them for free! Need not to wait and worry if you want to watch these episodes again. With the green download button, it’s just one click away! With a total of over 3000 anime series and over 5000 episodes, all of them are subbed in English.

3. Anime Season ( best anime websites

Just like the other websites, Anime Season lets the users go through a wide selection of anime series. Everything’s subbed in English, free and of high quality! You can easily navigate which series are latest. They are all organized and keep the users updated about which are still ongoing and are recent. If you still can’t make up your mind on what anime series to watch, they’ve got a list of anime recommendations for you to choose from.

2. Anime Haven ( best anime websites

Anime-haven is undeniably the haven for anime series. The website is both computer and mobile-friendly as it lets the users watch with whatever device they may be using. The videos are also downloadable and the users can choose what quality they may prefer. Streaming and downloading are absolutely free!

1. KISSANIME ( best anime websites

The most popular anime website is and still Kissanime! Yes, it has been very popular among users who really want to watch anime series. KissAnime also has high-quality videos and even provides manga series, cartoons and another portal through Asian dramas. Absolutely free! It’s like a whole package of everything. The site’s viewable and compatible in any device.

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