Best Selfie Stick – Reviews for Smartphone, GoPro, and Camera

If you searching for the best selfie stick, here is a useful buying guide, reviews, and list of recommended best selfie sticks.
It was extreme sports enthusiasts who used selfie sticks for the very first time to capture their extreme antics. However, in the past couple of years, more and more people who avidly take selfies have started using this camera accessory. The origin of selfie sticks can be traced back to the monopods, which were used by experienced and professional photographers to steady their cameras and sometimes large lenses.

However, unlike monopods, it is possible to hold selfie sticks at arm’s length so that the photographer may fit into the frame, and often, they even come with a remote mechanism that triggers the shutter. So, if you love to take selfies and want to take advantage of this useful camera accessory, you may consider buying one of the following top 35 best selfie stick in 2015 and 2016.

Types of Selfie Sticks

  • Wired Selfie Sticks – these have a wire that you plug into your phone, usually into the audio port.  Then to take a photo you press a button on the handle, which triggers the phone to take a snap.  The nice thing about these selfie sticks is they don’t require battery and are very simple to use, and tend to be lower cost.
  • Wireless Selfie Sticks – these do not need to plug in with a cable, but instead use wireless Bluetooth to connect to your phone. Then you have a wireless remote (that comes with the selfie stick), which you press to trigger your phone to take a shot.  These selfie sticks require extra batteries, and more expensive.

Other key features to consider are:
– Does it come with the proper attachment for Smarphone or Gopro, depending on your needs?
– Is it heavy duty and durable, and professional grade, or made with cheap plastic parts?
– Can it stand by itself, with extensible legs like a mini tripod?
– Does it come with extra LED light, or mirror?

Amazon Best Sellers – February 2017

  1. #1 Professional High End Selfie Stick Fugetek FT-568 For Apple, Android, Gopro, & DLSR Cameras, Wireless Bluetooth Remote
  2. Mpow iSnap X One-piece U-Shape Self-portrait Extendable Selfie Stick with built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter
  3. Selfie Stick, Foneso Extendable Monopod with Bluetooth Remote and Tripod Stand
  4. Selfie Stick, MOCREO Bluetooth Selfie Stick with 360 Degree Led Fill Light and Mirror
  5. Selfie Stick, Arespark Self-portrait Monopod Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick
  6. Selfie Stick, Spigen® [Battery Free] Wired Selfie Stick
  7. Selfie Stick, Perfectday Foldable Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Built-in Remote Shutter
  8. Anker Extendable Bluetooth Monopod with Built-in Remote Shutter
  9. Mpow iSnap Pro 3-In-1 Self-portrait Monopod Extendable Selfie Stick with built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter With Adjustable Grip Holder
  10. Mpow iSnap X One-piece U-Shape Self-portrait Monopod Extendable Selfie Stick
  11. Mpow iSnap X One-piece U-Shape Self-portrait Monopod Extendable Selfie Stick with built-in Bluetooth Remote
  12. Stalion Pocket-Size Bluetooth Selfie Stick for Smartphones
  13. Spigen® [New Generation] Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Remote Shutter

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Amazon Best Sellers: Top 10 Selfie Sticks

Updated Twice Daily! Before we give you our recommendations, we first provide you a list of what are the Amazon Best Sellers in selfie sticks category. These are the Top 10 for TODAY, based on Amazon Best Seller rank sales statistics. These are also some of the most highly rated, so you will find any of these are a winner!
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Top 35 Selfie Sticks for you to Consider

1. Mpow Extendable Selfie Stick iSnap X Monopod

2. Mpow Extendable Selfie Stick iSnap X Monopod

With over 1,910 customer reviews, this monopod is one of the highest selling on Amazon. It is a one piece, U-shaped selfie stick that has a built in Bluetooth remote shutter. It will work with a variety of currently used phones. It is just 7.1 inches long, making it a good choice for traveling. It is wireless, with an LED indicator that lets you know its charging and battery life status. You can charge it with a phone or wall charger or your computer. Customers mention that it may not fit some of the newer, larger phone models.

2. PerfectDay Extendable Monopod Wired Selfie Stick

3. PerfectDay Extendable Monopod Wired Selfie Stick

Another popular version of the plug and shoot selfie stick, the QuickSnap monopod is extendable to 3 and one half feet and it is adjustable for all phones. You simply plug its wire into your phone, turn on the photo-mode function and take photos. It has a built in remote shutter that allows you to take your photos from far away without fuss. Over 1,700 customers left mostly positive reviews.

3. Worry Free Goodie Selfie Sticks

4. Worry Free Goodie Selfie Stick

As the #1 New Release in Tripod Legs, the Goodie selfie stick promised to be worry free. It has no battery and doesn’t use Bluetooth. It is compatible with a wide range of popular phones and its easy use and simple design made it popular with the 319 customers who purchased it. Eighty-nine percent of these owners gave it a 5 star review. With its bright turquoise color, it is a stand-out in the midst of hundreds of black selfie-sticks, making it a good candidate for gifting to someone who likes color in their life.

4. Kiwii Extendable, Battery-Free Selfie Stick Monopod

5. Kiwii Extendable, Battery-Free Selfie Stick Monopod

Another user-friendly product from Kiwii, this monopod is completely battery free. It plugs in to your phone’s headphone input so it doesn’t need Bluetooth or batteries to operate it. Many customer of the over 1,000 that purchased it did so because it is easy to use. The manufacturer guarantees that it will be compatible with all Smartphones and that it will fit into your purse or pocket. It can take videos as well as photos. It comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

5. Noot® Battery Free Extendable Selfie Stick for Group Portraits Model: NT-ZY207

7. Noot® Battery Free Extendable Selfie Stick for Group Portraits Model: NT-ZY207

There are 591 customers who purchased this battery free selfie stick. It is black, extendable and has an adjustable phone holder mount. It also has a built-in remote shutter that can be used with Android and Apple Smartphones. Most owners felt it was a very good product. Some had problems with their phones coming lose and breaking. Others connected their phones properly, but the monopod never worked. These are seeking refunds.

6. AVANTEK Battery Free Selfie Stick Monopod: PanShot Model LT-C01

8. AVANTEK Battery Free Selfie Stick Monopod: PanShot Model LT-C01

For those who prefer using a cable control without Bluetooth capability, this selfie stick is a good option. Its cable easily plugs into the audio port of a compatible phone and it’s ready to use. It uses the charge from the phone for power so there is no need to worry about batteries. There were 490 owner reviews, and 79% of them gave it a 5 star rating. Most felt that its best feature is that it is very easy to use. They appreciated being able to take it out of the box, plug it in and use it without anything else to set up.

7. Kiwii Wireless Bluetooth Extendable Monopod

9. Kiwii Wireless Bluetooth Extendable Monopod

Simplicity with all the extras is a great way to describe this monopod. Reviewed by over 480 customers, 77% gave it 5 star reviews. It is a built-in battery that needs to be charged, but owners found it simple to plug in its mini USB charger to any full size phone charger, laptop or computer. Most like its easy pairing with Bluetooth and that it will adjust to hold most current phone models.

8. Three in One Weather Resistant Monopod by FugeTek

10. Three in One Weather Resistant Monopod by FugeTek

Rated as the #1 Professional Selfie Stick in 2015 on Amazon, this is a well-crafted, durable monopod. It can be extended to 49 inches and it has a non-slip rubber handle which helps to keep it securely gripped. It has a high quality universal phone mount for most every currently popular phone. It is weather resistant and has multiple adjustment capability for length and angle. It can be used underwater. It can be Bluetooth paired and it has a remote. There were 451 customer reviews with 83% giving it a 5 star rating.

9. Kootek® Bluetooth Monopod Selfie Stick

11. Kootek® Bluetooth Monopod Selfie Stick

Of the 417 owners who left reviews, 67% gave it 5 stars. Most liked the long lasting battery, the rapid fire multiple image capability and its accessories for adapting many phones. On the other hand, some felt that the monopod was unstable or shaky when extended to its full length. One owner noticed that the accessories fit nicely into the carrying bag, but the monopod itself does not. There is no wrist strap for carrying the stick. It is Bluetooth capable with a remote shutter button.

10. Disph® Extendable Bluetooth Monopod

13. Disph® Extendable Bluetooth Monopod

There are several features which make this product very likeable. It has incorporated universal design in order to accommodate Bluetooth enabled devices. It is extendable and adjustable for many angles. It has an LED signal that lets you know when it is paired with your device or when it needs to be recharged. The USB cable is included. Over 300 customers reviewed this monopod, with 80% giving it a 5 star rating, citing good battery life, ease of use and portability.

11. AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod

14. AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod

A simple monopod with a commendable 67 inch length, this product has received over 280 customer reviews. It features a handy rubber non-skip foot with retractable spikes. It will hold up to 6.6 pounds including most scopes, digital cameras and still and video cameras. It is full size, yet light weight and comes with a carrying case. Most owners feel that it does its job, is sturdy and will fill the needs of most amateur photographers.

12. GoPro Floating Hand Grip: “The Handler”

15. GoPro Floating Hand Grip: “The Handler”

Designed to take photos during water sports activities, this GoPro floating hand grip, also known as “The Handler” allows for waterproof use up to 33 feet. The handle keeps the camera upright and buoyant underwater for great photographs. Some divers have taken it below the recommended depth. The air pocket that holds it upright is inside the handle, and owners say that it works very efficiently.

13. Mudder 3-Way Telescopic Handheld Monopod Selfie Stick

16. Mudder 3-Way Telescopic Handheld Monopod Selfie Stick

You can use this monopod three different ways. It will hold Smart phones with a clamp, cameras with its ¼ inch screw and mount base, and it will convert to a tripod. Its foam covered handle and light weight are two favorite features with the 127 customers who own it. They also like its collapsed length, which is just a bit more than a 12 inch ruler. They felt that the aluminum construction was strong and it was easy to use the four different sections which lock easily into place.

14. Halcyon Technologies Foldable BirdsEye Professional Monopod

17. Halcyon Technologies Foldable BirdsEye Professional Monopod

There is a universal spring lock feature on this product that allows it to fit any phone. It can be paired to Apple or Android phones using Bluetooth. It also supports GoPro camcorders. It comes with a charging cable, a wrist loop, a carry bag and its user manual. Of the 117 customers who reviewed it, 76% gave it a 5 star rating. One of its more popular features is its ability to fold down to a very short 9 inches.

15. Manfrotto Video Head Model MVH502AH

20. Manfrotto Video Head Model MVH502AH

With its built in counterbalance system and extra stable, longer and wider top plate, this video camera and camcorder head offers secure and fluid recording. Most of the 134 customers who reviewed it mentioned its excellent still shot capability. Many also mentioned that its mounting plate is rough textured, but this security feature makes it a bit more difficult to put camera devices into it and get them out when done. This product is a good choice for amateur photographers seeking to branch out into video for the first time.

16. PolarPro Extension PowerPole

21. PolarPro Extension PowerPole

The dual USB ports on this handy gadget allow you to charge devices simultaneously. This is a welcome time saving feature. There are specialized splash resistant bands covering every exposed area so that using it in snowy, rainy or moist conditions is possible. Though not completely waterproof, it does also provide for 10 hours of film time, which will cover a full day of outdoor wintry sports.

17. MPOW iSnap Portable Self-portrait Monopod

22. MPOW iSnap Portable Self-portrait Monopod

#1 Best Seller in Tripod & Monopod Cases, this extendable selfie stick includes a built-in remote Bluetooth shutter which is compatible with all Smartphones. It earned a 5 star rating from 97% of the 74 customers who left reviews. The main reasons they loved it is because it is extremely portable, a simple one piece design folding down to just over 7 inches, and it holds phones very tightly and securely.

18. Noxu Bluetooth Remote Self-portrait Monopod

23. Noxu Bluetooth Remote Self-portrait Monopod

Noxu company offers a 60 day guarantee and a bag for its multiple use waterproof monopod. It’s the extras that make this product nice. There are a battery and its Bluetooth remote and a GoPro mount which you can store in the bag. It folds into the length of a ruler, weighs less than the average hockey puck, but is capable of extending to 36 plus inches.

19. Action Mount® With Universal Mount Adapter

24. Action Mount® With Universal Mount Adapter

One excellent feature about this product is that it will work with any phone, no matter what size or model. It has three basic handheld positions, including a camera grip, a tripod or an extension arm. It is made out of plastic and aluminum for light weight and easy portability.

20. URPOWER® Handheld Extendable Selfie Stick

25. URPOWER® Handheld Extendable Selfie Stick

The product includes a GoPro styled screw for that brand of camera and a Bluetooth remote which only works with a Smartphone. It will operate with just over 5 pounds of weight and includes a camera shutter and a tripod mount. It is made of lightweight aluminum which folds down to just over 12 inches.

21. Koolehaoda Professional Monopod

26. Koolehaoda Professional Monopod

With the capability of using this as a monopod or attaching its three feet segment to create a supportive tripod, the adaptability of this product is nice. It is aluminum and 65 inches long. Most who reviewed it felt it did its job. But, those seeing something more on the professional level were disappointed with its lack of sturdy construction, feeling it was flimsy.

22. Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick by i-smile®

27. Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick by i-smile®

This is a very adaptable monopod which will accommodate a wide variety of current phone models. It includes a rechargeable Bluetooth wireless remote shutter and a USB charging cable. Twenty customers reviewed this product, with 85% of those giving it 5 star ratings. Those who own it like its lightweight aluminum construction. It includes both a threaded mount and a spring-loaded clamp for holding cameras or phones, which gives it greater functionality.

23. RetiCAM® MP55 Monopod Selfie Stick

28. RetiCAM® MP55 Monopod Selfie Stick

Constructed of aluminum, this has an excellent extension range from 16 to 55 inches. It will work with cameras, GoPro cameras and also Smartphones. It features a ball head, and is adjustable to create tripod mounts. The seven customers who reviewed it gave it 5 star ratings for its professional, durable construction that allows it to remain stable when set up.

24. Bower Elite Professional Black 72″ Monopod

29. Bower Elite Professional Black 72

With a 72 inch length, and the ability to retract to 23 inches, this black monopod features a quick release feature. It works with cameras and camcorders, so the feature makes it easier to switch back and forth between them. It weighs just over a pound so it is also light to carry. There is wrist strap and it has a padded handle. It includes a 10 year warranty and a carrying case.

25. Calumet 8000 Series Carbon Fiber Monopod

30. Calumet 8000 Series Carbon Fiber Monopod

This monopod is very strong, but very lightweight due to its unique 8 layers of carbon fiber construction. The tooling has been completed with magnesium alloy, which allows it to carry cameras that weigh up to 14 pounds. It comes with a generously wide carrying strap.

26. Polaroid Camera Extender Self Portrait Handheld Monopod

If you are tired of stretching your arms whenever trying to take selfie photos, this handheld monopod is for you. This selfie stick will prove to be compatible with just about any point and shoot camera, as long as it does not weigh more than 1 pound. This monopod can be collapsed down to 8 inches, while when it has been extended all the way out, it has a height of 37 inches.

27. Extendable Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote by CamKix

This self stick can be adjusted quite conveniently to a great extent and using it with your cell phone will allow you to take splendid self-photographs. This stick is compact and light, so you can easily store it in your backpack or handbag and you will be able to access it conveniently. This selfie stick can be extended between 11-inch and 40-inch.

28. Dolica Lightweight Monopod

This is a 67-inch monopod selfie stick that is an ideal accessory, whether you want to take selfie photos indoors or outdoors. If you need mobility and stability, then this selifie stick is the solution. It has been designed to be light weight, have a comfortable soft foam grip and a strap so you may hold it securely, without dropping it accidentally.

29. Satechi Bluetooth Smart Selfie Extension Arm

This selfie extension arm will allow you to take both sole self-photos and include yourself when taking group photos. When this selfie arm is extended, your smartphone will be positioned 3 feet away from you, so a wide viewing angle will be created. Unlike tripods, you will be able to use it instantly and all you will have to do is press the button on this arm to take photos right away.

30. Dreamcatcher BLUETOOTH SELFIE STICK – Extendable Arm Monopod Selfie Camera Stick

This is an ultra compact and ultra light self stick with an arm that can be extended, while the handle has a remote shutter that can be controlled via Bluetooth. This selfie stick is compatible with all popular cameras and smartphones. When not extended, it has a height of just 9.25 inches, which means that can be stored in handbags, while it can be lengthened up to 40 inches.

31. InnoGear Selfie Stick

This is a wireless Bluetooth selfie stick for mobile phones. A remote camera control function has been built into this selfie stick. Since this is a Bluetooth controlled selfie stick, it will be compatible with Android 3.0 and IOS 4.0 system or above. This selfie stick can be extended up to 105 centimeters, while the holder can also be adjusted.

32. 5IVE Selfie Stick Extendable Handheld Monopod

An affordable and neat solution is offered by this selfie stick, so you will be able to capture professional-looking selfies. The device can be clipped onto this monopod, you will a never-before control over your ability to shoot videos and take photographs. This selfie stick can be lengthened to a maximum height of 40 inches by pulling on its two ends.

33. OPTIKAL SelfiePAL Wireless Bluetooth Remote Shutter Stick

You can use this telescoping pole with both cameras and cell phones, which means that you will be able to capture wide angle photographs of everyone, including yourself. Photos can be taken from multiple angles thanks to pivoting action. Rubber strap can be removed to ensure a more secure hold. Bluetooth wireless capability will ensure ease of use.

34. Polaroid 40″ Selfie Stick Extender

Since a Bluetooth remote is built into this selfie extender stick, it can be paired with just about any Android or Apple smartphone and the shutter control from the grip can be used to take photos. Badly framed or missed shots will be eliminated. The legs of this selfie stick are made of brushed aluminum and can be lengthened up to 40 inches.

35. Extension Pole – POV Telescoping Aluminum Extender Selfie Stick

Using this extension pole, you can now capture point of view footage using your compact digital camera, GoPro, or smartphone. Its telescoping aluminum tubes are split into three sections. This extension pole can be lengthened from a compact 16-inch out to a complete 36-inch reach. A soft-touch foam is also featured on the handle for comfortable use, while a wrist lanyard prevent accidents drops.

If you find it hard to take selfies the traditional way or if you are not able to be a part of group photos, then one of the above top 35 best selfie stick in 2015 could prove to be the solution to your self-taking woes.


How to Take a Selfie like a Natural

how to take a selfie

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you get a rush of excitement when you take the perfect selfie. After trying out twenty different angles, five different rooms, and comparing the best shots, you land on the special photo that’s sure to captivate your Instagram followers. But there has to be a better way, right? Surely there are some do’s and don’ts that could help make the execution of the perfect selfie as easy as 1,2,3. The good news is there are a few shortcuts that can help you take the perfect shot every time whether you’re just using your phone or a state-of-the-art selfie stick. Here are some tips for you to learn how to take good selfies.

How to Take a Selfie Holding Your Smartphone

How to Take Good Selfies? Beautiful Lighting

There’s nothing worse than scrolling through your timeline and seeing painfully dark selfies. When attempting to capture a great photo of yourself, your home can be your worst enemy. If you insist on taking the photo inside, hang out by the nearest window. If you can, head outdoors to take advantage of the natural light. It’ll give your skin and hair a luminous glow that just can’t be achieved in your room.

How to Take Good Selfies? Your Signature Pose

In order to ensure you look your best, you need to feel comfortable. Don’t try to recreate awkward poses that you’ve seen in fashion magazines or on popular blogs. Pose in a way that shows your personality. Whether that means tilting your head to the right or only showing your best side, do what works for you. But regardless of which pose you land on, always hold the phone above your head.

How to Take Good Selfies? #NoFilter

For the most popular Instagrammers out there, a successful selfie is one that’s edited with the best apps on the market. Overusing in-app filters can feel cheesy and make your photos look too similar to everyone else’s. Photo Wonder is an app where you do everything from smoothing out your complexion to adding frames and text. Facetune hones in on perfecting your skin before you press post.

How to Take Selfies Using the Selfie Stick

Take a Selfie: Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

If you’re using a selfie stick, you’ll capture a lot more of your immediate surroundings than you would using your phone by itself. Odds are, you’re probably snapping your selfie stick selfie in a space where other people are present. When you find yourself in the middle of a crowd, work your way to the edge or try to find a less crowded space altogether. An unintentional group selfie is the worst kind.

Take a Selfie: First Pass The Test

Unlike selfies with just your phone, you don’t have the advantage of seeing your work right away. Take a few test shots using your selfie stick from up above to make sure you’re getting the shot you want. This also helps you get familiar with your selfie stick if it is new to you.

Take a Selfie: Keep Your Stick Out Of It

This incredible selfie won’t be so incredible if half the shot includes the actual selfie stick. Be sure to angle your stick just right so that it doesn’t become the star of your photograph. This applies most when you’re attempting to tackle high overhead or low “worm’s view” angles.

Though the perfect selfie may seem like a lot more work than originally perceived, you can nail it with just a few simple tips and tricks.


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