Top 10 Best Protein Powder Supplements in 2015

The importance of protein is something that you have probably heard of if you have ever been exposed to the world of fitness. When it comes to fitness nutrition, perhaps one of the most important elements is protein supplementation. In short, the building blocks that the body requires in order to grow and repair are provided by protein. Protein is necessary for human beings to survive and is a vital component of all the cells in the human body.

So, if you are thinking about hitting the gym or you just want to supplement the lack protein in your diet, you should consider taking one of the following top 10 best protein powder supplements in 2014.

10. Trutein

Body Nutrition Trutein by TruNutrition Sciences is exceptionally optimal protein powder prepared for serious athletes and enthusiasts of fitness. Trutein is among the best tasting protein powder supplements currently available on the market. However, in comparison to these other supplements, Trutein contains some very necessary ingredients so you will gain more health benefits. Trutein is the perfect protein powder supplement for you if you are an athlete looking for a supplement to enhance your active lifestyle and physical performance.

9. Isoflex

An extremely pure protein blend is provided by Allmax Nutrition Isoflex Protein in which all the necessary minerals and nutrients are contained that help build muscles and promote their growth. When it comes to building muscles, gaining strength for exercise training and recovery, the results of countless studies suggest that Whey Protein Isolate, which is contained in Isoflex, is excellent for this purpose. Isoflex will help you supplement with Whey Protein Isolate if you are training intensely and you really want to reach your fitness goals.

8. COR-Performance Whey

COR-Performance Whey

When it comes to COR-Performance Whey by Cellucor, the claim to fame of this protein powder supplement is its amazing flavor and high mixability. The names of the flavors in which this protein powder is available are quite interesting, such as Cinimon Swirl. In terms of its nutritional specifications, 25 grams of protein are delivered by each serving of COR-Performance Whey, with merely 3 grams of carbohydrates. Additionally, each scoop of COR-Performance Whey also contains 5.5 grams of BCAAs too.

7. Platinum HydroWhey

Platinum HydroWhey

When it comes to protein supplementation, Optimum Nutrition brings proudly brings to you a breakthrough in the form of Platinum HydroWhey. Platinum HydroWhey is among the fastest digest whey proteins currently available in the market. Hydrolyzed whey protein isolates are featured in Platinum HydroWhey, which digest very quickly and deliver amino acids to the muscles that need them the most. Platinum HydroWhey provides protein in one of its most pure forms, without cholesterol, lactose and sugar, but with added BCAAs.

6. Insu-Pro


Empyrean Nutrition developed Insu-Pro so that nutrients would be rapidly delivered to muscle cells. In particular, fast absorbing carbohydrates are contained in Insu-Pro so that an insulin spike is facilitated, while it also contains antioxidants, fast absorbing protein and an insulin mimetic. If train in a variety of disciplines, then the nutrients you can receive from Insu-Pro will keep your muscles in shape for optimal performance. Moreover, Insu-Pro also contains Na R-ALA, a powerful anti-oxidant among other things, which makes it an excellent recovery supplement.

5. Syntha-6


Syntha-6 is the famously delicious protein blend from BSN that has a taste and texture that is quite similar to that of a milkshake. Apart from tasting absolutely remarkable, Syntha-6 is rich in protein that is highly bioactive and has been obtained from a wide range of high quality sources, such as egg albumen, Micellar casein, milk protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Syntha-6 contains a whey protein that ultra-filtered and packed with alpha-lactalbumin. All of this makes Syntha-6 an ideal muscle builder.

4. Pro Complex

Pro Complex

8 different sources of protein were utilized in order formulate Pro Complex. Thus, an ultra-anabolic rush of amino acids is delivered to the muscles by the Augmented Protein System of Pro Complex. Not only does Pro Complex taste excellent, it contains a high quality protein in one of the highest amounts, in comparison to other protein powder supplements available today. The quantity of BCAAs, minerals and vitamins in Pro Complex is also impressive. The muscle building results of Pro Complex are almost unparalleled.

3. 100% Whey

100 Percent Whey

100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition is a high quality, non-nonsense protein powder supplement with excellent taste and an effective and fantastic protein makeup. Obviously, there is a reason why 100% Whey is among the best selling protein powder supplements in the world. The whey protein isolates that are a part of its makeup absorb fast and are pure. Each serve of 100% Whey delivers 24 grams of protein and just 3 grams of carbohydrates. 100% Whey is effective and inexpensive.

2. BioTrust


BioTrust is the protein powder supplement for you if you want grade-A, hormone-free, pure ingredients with extremely low carbohydrates and no dyes. While the amount protein contained is the same as the above, BioTrust contains just 1 gram of sugar and also 4 grams of fiber too. Highly bioavailable ingredients are contained in BioTrust, processed for optimal protein uptake, with low heat. 4 different types of protein are contained in BioTrust so that nutritional is optimally released in a time manner.

1. XPI Myotein

XPI Myotein

The reason that Myotein is number one choice when it comes to protein powder supplements is because a three in one effect is provided by it. 5 times of protein are contained in Myotein for extended and rapid release. These are: Colostrum, Micellar Caesein, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate and Whey Protein Isolate. This is why 26 grams of protein are delivered by Myotein in each serving. If you take Myotein, you are sure to notice enhanced and improved recovery.

When it comes to exercise and weight lifting, protein is necessary in order to build muscles and recover from the work. So, if you do either, then you should start taking one of the above top 10 best protein powder supplements in 2014.